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von Braun

Custom Made Mustang Pickguards

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Can anyone recommend a good, reliable maker of custom pickguards?

Specifically I'm looking for a left hand Fender Mustang 'guard, cut for a pair of P90's and a 3 way toggle switch.

As Fender are now offering a P90 Mustang, I thought there might be something ready made on the market either here or in the States but it would appear not at present.



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I had one made back in 2008 from chandler guitars (pickguard.us) in the US for my CIJ Mustang bass in aged white pearl celluloid to replace the underwhelming stock dark tort one. I requested the two holes for the 'tug bar'. It wasn't cheap but it came out absolutly perfect and on my bass within a month of ordering it. I think they have access to all of the fender shapes in a massive variety of colours/patterns and can do customised versions also.

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