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*SOLD PENDING* SFX MICRO THUMPINATOR* £75 posted - Tighten your sound and protect your gear

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Hi folks, I'm selling this excellent [b]sfx Micro Thumpinator[/b]. It's yours for [b]£75 posted[/b], or £70 collected from me in Swindon, Wiltshire. I'm not looking for trades.

It's an always-on pedal that filters out subsonic frequencies of 30Hz and below from your sound. Bass speakers struggle to cope with these frequencies, and can make amplifiers clip. Removing all the mud and rumble optimises the energy your amp can deliver - giving you a tighter, punchier bass sound.

The pedal is in good condition, with velcro underneath (I can remove if you want), and I don't have the original box.

[attachment=227560:IMG_0240.JPG] [attachment=227561:IMG_0241.JPG]

Thanks for looking!


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