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Peavey Cirrus USA 4-string through-neck. SOLD. Thanks, BC.

Mr H

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NOW £550.

This beautiful bass came to me a couple of years ago, and since then . . . it's been mainly hiding in the rack gathering dust, a big fat waste of a professional-standard instrument.

I am unsure of the year, but I suspect from around the turn of the millennium, judging by posts on the Peavey forums and elsewhere. Similarly, I can't be certain about the woods.

35" scale, 24 frets, through-neck
Two active VFL pickups, 18V, 3-band EQ
Gold hardware

The 2003 Cirrus manual can be seen at [url="http://assets.peavey.com/literature/manuals/00350260.pdf"]http://assets.peavey...ls/00350260.pdf[/url] - my Cirrus is much the same except not a bolt-on neck and with different headstock decals.

Very good condition - three small dings on the body, one on the back of the neck, a smidge of fading where the previous owner's thumb must have rested, and a small crack in the lacquer on the headstock, all pictured below. Nothing you will see from any distance. Some tarnish spots on a few of the frets, but frets look to be in fine condition (I'm no expert!), and are also pictured below.

Lovely slim, satin neck. It’s really a delight!

8 lb 4 oz or 3.7 kg

Peavey-branded hard case.

I live in Wirral. Potential buyers are welcome to come try it out, though I only have an Ashdown Five-Fifteen Minirig!

Collection (or delivery within a reasonable distance) preferred, but courier can be discussed - a quick look at UPS via Interparcel suggests a cost approaching £20 for overnight mainland UK delivery, but I suspect some added insurance would be necessary. Not keen to ship overseas. Cash on collection/delivery, or bank transfer please.

I am a very poor bass player, I rarely play with others and I haven’t ever gigged, so this item from my midlife crisis bass collection could do a lot better in somebody else’s hands.

Thanks for looking.
































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I can't rate these basses highly enough! My main basses are the 5 (same colour) and 6 (Red) string versions of this bass....and if I had the cash, I would be adding this to the collection! Great feel and tone with the Peavey Cirrus. Good luck with the sale...it will make someone very happy!

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Sadly, Peaveys don't hold their value well, but that is definitely not a reflection of how good they are. I believe that there are two kinds of bass players - those that own a Peavey, and those who have never tried one! :D I have owned many basses from Ibanez to Musicman (bongo and SR) basses, but will always go back to the Peavey as my main bass due to the feel and tone, hence why I have 2 Peavey Cirrus basses as my main basses. Good luck with the sale....and I will PM you as soon as my numbers come up tonight! ;-)

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This is a beauty. One of my favourite passive basses is a peavey grind. My son plays one at college while studying music and ive offered to buy him a more expensive bass but hes not that interested because he loves the reliability and simplicity and the solid quality in the one he has.

lovely instument. Id have a nibble but i dnt need it. Really. GLWTS

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I have a 5 string version of this same bass and it was my main gigging instrument for a few years. Superb playability, the neck is so easy. Totally underrated and much better than the Warwick corvette $$ I had before. Have a bump and I can confirm that someone should be delighted if they snap this up.

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I have pretty much this exact bass - hands down the best decision i ever made to get one. I have not played lots and lots of basses, but of all those I have tried and owned this is definitely the best. I also get a lot of praise for my tone (pretty much since owning this bass), and I play through various amps at gigs so has to be the bass! I love it. If I could justify it would definitely get a second one!

Good luck with the sale :)

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