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Now will accept £2800.00
Sale only please.

[color=#ff0000]***Soundclip not working for some reason, I've stuck it on my website, here's the link[/color]:


I'm selling my beautiful Alleva Coppolo LM5 Deluxe. Blocked and bound stunning example of Jimmys work. This bass has a vintage tint on the neck, the inlays and binding look really pretty in this finish. Stunning.

If you are looking for a funk machine with an amazing slap tone this bass will get you there. Really traditional in sound and feel.

Body - Ash
Neck - Maple
Fingerboard - Maple. Block inlays, bound (Deluxe model)
Electronics - AC single coil pickups. AC pre amp.
Straplocks -Dunlop
Scale length - 34"
String spacing - 19mm @ bridge
Strings - DR Fatbeam 45-125
Year of construction - 2009
Weight - 10lbs 4oz

Comes with a hard case.

This bass really is a lovely instrument, and does the Ash/Maple 'thing' so well, but with a 5th string. You are welcome to come and try it if you need convincing!

Really good condition. There is a small mark on the headstock and a ding on the side of the body near the jack. The two pre amp controls have a tiny crack in the lacquer (not in the wood) coming from their mounting holes. I gather this happened in shipping, very minor and hard to photograph. Zero issues here.
Worth mentioning that the A string groove on the nut is a touch low with my DR strings. Very easy to sort this, I was going to do this but I need to raise some funds and my GAS is through the roof at the mo!

Really would rather have the bass collected/arrange to meet. But I can arrange for it to be shipped if really necessary. At buyers cost/risk of course.

Please PM me with any questions you may have.

Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing from you.

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[quote name='sadbass' timestamp='1425337163' post='2706419']
you have sample this bass? B)

I have a little sample I recorded the other day, with cold hands on my old system. I am updating my home studio, so I will update the recording (warm hands I can feel!) if/when I get it up and running. Either way it is straight in, no amp/EQ. It gives you a pretty good idea.

PM me your email address and I will get something to you if you are interested.

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