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Speaker clearance - quality 10" and 12" loudspeaker drivers

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During the years we have had some prototypes made with a few different stock speakers. These have been sitting on shelves in the workshop for some time now, perhaps someone has an upcoming project that could use some of these speakers?

All speakers with the exception of one SM212 have been used between 1-3 hours, and are in excellent condition (the last SM212 is unused, only 3x SM212:s have been used, one 2x12 and one 1x12 cabinet). Some of them have a few scratches on the stickers from being slid in/out from the shelves they have been sitting on. All speakers except the unused SM212 have gaskets fitted, the unused SM212 will have gasket tape included.

All prices include shipping to the UK, but they can be shipped anywhere within the EU, shipping costs might be higher to some locations. We would prefer not to split the speakers, 2x of each except for SM212 (4x) and 12MC500 (single one).

2x Faital Pro 10PR300 - [b]£190[/b]
16Ω, 300W, 4.92 mm xmax, 97 dB, 2.3 kg
Note that this is the 16Ω version, it behaves differently from the 8Ω version, easier to get deeper lows with the 16Ω version. Perfect for a light 8Ω 2x10 cabinet.

2x Faital Pro 12PR300 - [b]£200[/b]
8Ω, 300W, 4.92 mm xmax, 99 dB, 2.5 kg

1x Beyma 12MC500 - [b]£90[/b]
8Ω, 500W, 8 mm xmax, 98 dB, 5.8 kg

4x Beyma SM212 - [b]£200[/b]
8Ω, 350W, 7 mm xmax, 98 dB, 3.8 kg
This speaker is also used in the cabinet being developed in the 1x12 cabinet design diary:
Perfect if you're planning on two of these, split them with another forum member with the same build plans.

2x Eminence Kappalite 3012HO - [b]£260[/b]
8Ω, 400W, 6.2 mm xmax, 100.5 dB, 3.22 kg

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Just noticed that some of the speakers where the sticker isn't the part furthest down (when being stored cone up) have some light scratches on the paint instead.

As mentioned before - this is from sliding them in and out from a shelf, they have never been dropped or anything similar. Nothing that affects performance in any way, but probably good to mention.

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Good idea! You'll save on shipping by sending two of them within the UK compared to splitting them here in Sweden before sending.

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[quote name='SubsonicSimpleton' timestamp='1415371064' post='2599707']
I would really like to try the Beymas, but I can't afford to buy all 4 atm, posting here so other interested parties can contact me by PM if they want to arrange a group buy.
[/quote]I am up for one if you go for them. If you have a PayPal account I will send you the money.

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