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Amplification tests: Erhlund pickup - Aguilar TH500+SL112, Acoustic Image contra

Fran Diaz

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I just recorded a few quick videos of several tests I've done looking fo that elusive acoustic amplified double bass tone. I hope somebody can find it useful. Coments are very welcome.

I've played my Michael Bornhak bass with an Earhlund pickup.

I've used a Zoom Q3HD for the recording. It was placed on a tripod 12' away from the amps. IMO what you can hear in the video is quite representative of what I heard in the room.

This is going to be a long road with a lot of factors affecting the final result. For instance, I put the pickup on the bass and I haven't even tried to move it around and hear how that changes the tone. This is the place where it is at the moment:

First one is an Acoustic Image Contra amp (speaker is defeated) and an Aguilar SL112:


This is another video where I only use the Acoustic Image Contra SIII. I try several configs on the levels/eq. I'll document these settings and the times on the video but you can hear me saying it.


This last video compares the AI with the Aguilar; what do you guys think about how they compare?

for ease of listening:

0:30 AI - flat eq - input level fully clockwise - master volume @ 3 o'clock - tweeter on - no lowcut.

1:15 No amp

3:30 Aguilar TH500+SL112 - flat eq - gain @ 12 o'clock - no drive - master volume @ 12 o'clock

4:15 master volume @ 3 o'clock

4:57 I messed with the amp controls...forgot to say it out loud :^(

5:56 drive @ 9 o'clock - bass @ 11 o'clock - mid level @11 o'clock - mid freq. @ 2 o'clock - master @ 12 o'clock - tweeter @ 9 (20%)

6:30 drive @ 12 o'clock

7:06 mid freq. @ 3 o'clock - mid level @ 10 o'clock

8:10 bass @ 11 o'clock

8:30 no amp

8:50 amp back on.


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Mine isn't far from that position, a little further northwest. Position definitely makes a big difference, as does the height from the body and placement of the putty - mount it close and it sounds compressed and middy, mount it 1mm from the body with the putty right on the corners and you get a more open sound.

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Hi Fran
I use the Ehurland pick up with the Ehurland pre-amp. Moving the Ehrlund to different positions on the top will give you a different tone and sound. Mine is placed not far from bottom of the 'f' hole on the E string side which seems to be my 'sweet' spot. Using the pre-amp gives the pick-up a big boost.
My bass is a mid-late 19th century German bass--quite heavy--very solid. My amp is a GK MB150S combo. I love the deep solid sound both the bass and the amp gives. I currently use Innovation 'Silver Slap' strings. The combination I like giving more of that 'old schoo'l sound. Do bear in mind that every bass is different--what works with one will not be the same on another bass--one has to experiment.
Hope my little bit of information helps.

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