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Elixir Nanoweb Bass strings NPS roundwound 125 - 40

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As in the title,

Picked up a set of Elixir bass strings - bright out of the box, but not nearly as harsh as some other NPS (D'Addario XL's of a similar gauge).

Put them on an Ibanez active bass - serious variety of tones on tap - everything from enormous dub lows, to glassy crisp treble, and everything in between.
The feel is unusual - still have to get totally used to it but it's a tiny niggle.

Sound nice and balanced, only had them on for a little while so we'll see how they endure. Would consider them again, but for the rather steep price they'd better last a fair bit more than a set of XL's (the go to NPS round for me so far).

Will check back in after the normal round "deadening" time of about 4 - 6 weeks.
Hope these rock for months!

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