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Coban Strings

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I just got a set of these Coban strings from ebay they are Coban DCG3 smooth bass strings they were only £5.19 delivered now I was not expecting much from these at that price but to my surprise the were actually pretty good :) I put them on a Yamaha and they installed very well wound nice and smoothly onto the winders they gave a nice bright sound when fitted and tuned and felt nice to play I think the word to use is slick so all in all I really recommend these strings now I know only time will tell how good they are but when you think you can get 5 sets of these for the price of the Ernie ball strings that I normally use there really good value if you have to change them a bit more often. Link below. I will definitely be getting 2 or 3 more sets in stock at this price and the more sets you buy the bigger discount you get.


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Just a little follow up really, the strings seem to be performing well after about 3 months of lightish use considering there price but what I have noticed is that they seem to lose a lot of tension and feel almost floppy especially the E string, They are still loads better than most cheap strings out there and the customer service from there website is fantastic I told them about the tension problem (dead E string) and they said next time I ordered I could have a free pack of strings but I have not taken this offer up as I want to try other products. So I think they are still good value for money as a spare set or a set too put on a cheap bass or even a bass for a child as they are nice and soft on the fingers etc etc but I don't think they are for a gigging player. So I think all in all I would score them a 6.5/10

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