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Tobias Toby 5 String - Ideal for Project - SOLD

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Last bass i'm looking to clear out is my Tobias Toby 5 string. I attempted to do a refinish on this a good few years ago by sanding the original sunburst paint job down. This has left the bass with a lovely natural wood look, but the sanding is a little imperfect due to me having no idea really/not having BCers to ask for help!

As you can see from the pictures it's got quite a nice grain, and with a decent set up would play fantastically. I've had it strung with a set of Fodera strings that has a High C string instead of a low B as I prefer this arrangement.

Would be ideal for a project bass for someone looking to work on refinishing it.

I'm looking for £100 plus P&P (although I am open to offers), or collection from Manchester. If you've any questions or would like additional photos PM me.

[attachment=120146:photo 1.JPG]
[attachment=120147:photo 3.JPG]
[attachment=120148:photo 4.JPG]
[attachment=120149:photo 5.JPG]

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If you can wait til Saturday I can measure it for you so you can know exactly, but given that its a 5er it's reasonably wide but relatively flat. I got it not long after I started playing and never found it difficult to use, even as a beginner.

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Well I've never really got *that* much into playing 5s, but I've always found this really playable, and others who've played it have said the same. I put the C string on when I got into Victor Wooten and wanted to learn More Luv, but even when it had a B string on it still felt good. It could do with someone putting the work in to finish it, but its a nice playing/sounding/looking bass - I've only decided to sell it as I'm moving and I need to justify my new Warwick to the Mrs!

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If neither of the two before me take it, let me know? I'd definitely be interested in this if I can just raise the cash and organise a family member to come pick it up (unless you are going to travel to Liverpool anytime soon?)....

Anyhow, I'll worry about all that once you know if its still availble or not?


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