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Bass for band Basingstoke


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[color=blue][font=Calibri][font="Calibri"][size="3"]We started as a show band for our annual (February) Sherborne St. John village Revue playing a wide variety of music from rock n roll to jazz to MOTD to film theme tunes etc, to accompany the various acts. We have played together for four years. The last show Feb-2012 was 3 performances. These shows have proved extremely successful. We have also played a 60th birthday party and two Jubilee celebration gigs this summer. We have two further gigs later this year and a new show in 2013 and a gig next summer.[/size][/font][/font][/color]

[font="Calibri"][size="3"][color=blue][font=Calibri]We are called S#arp Practrice comprising bass, guitars (vocals) , keyboard, sax(es) and drums …age range 30s-50s. [color=blue][font=Calibri]We are building a song list of 50s-80s (mainly) music for dancing.[/font][/color][/font][/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue][font=Calibri][font="Calibri"][size="3"]Sadly we have lost our bass guitarist and we need to find another.[/size][/font][/font][/color]
[color=blue][font=Calibri][font="Calibri"][size="3"]We would be very grateful if you are able to put us in contact with any competent bass guitarists/double bass players in this area?[/size][/font][/font][/color]

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