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Post Rock/Punk DIY Style band, like Fugazi? Seeks members! (Swindon)


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Well you have come to the right place!

The B Con Jam/Reggae/Rock (Fugazi) styley band. Lots of pent up aggression, dynamics, cheap CD's, cheap shows, hiring out venues for nights, benefit shows. A bit of a DIY attitude, hand painting banners, creating a label, bringing in bands from outside of Swindon to play support. I want to be in a band that would organise nights where everyone came to see everyone and not just go home as soon as the local talent finish.

I am a guitarist, bassist and vocalist. Some ideas are somewhat fleshed out with concerns to song ideas. I have decent equipment and a drive to get something started. Looking for a guitarist, bassist and drummer, preferably with some vocal talent. Funds are available to start practicing and recording asap.

Anyway, get in contact with me, any age, all walks of life appreciated. I am not some wild eyed hipster, nor am I out to change the world. Music related things just seemed better when Fugazi was around to do it!

I am based in Rodbourne, have toured and recorded numerous times in and around Europe, serious enquiries only please, I am not the kind to hang about on no shows.

If you do not know who Fugazi are, here is some education!


Like what you hear? Contact me!

Anubispearl[AT]Hotmail.com, or PM me here for more information.

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