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Heavy Cabs

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An alternative would be to take an existing design - say the Electrovoice 806 (1x12") that has freely available plans (see the DIY cab thread stickied in this forum), and work on redesigning it to be lighter weight - i.e. keep internal volume the same but look at different materials - spruce ply is lighter than birch, for instance - and dropping it down to 1/2" with some cross bracing. Get to a decent timber yard and get some samples so you can do some analysis of the relative weights of different materials - inc MDF and chipboard as well as just the different ply types - this is (I would imagine) the sort of research type stuff that would go down well for such a project.

I have one of these built, so I can tell you how much it weighs in it's "natural" form.

I can highly recommend the EV 1x12" design with an Eminence Kappa in it - the Deltalites are meant to be very good too.

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