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  1. a tad inept on this forum, but thought I might be able to help. Ive always found that 15's and 10's were the best mix. nothin roars like a 15, but the mids and highs are most responsive with 10's or 12's. just my opinion.
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    Thanx for the reply, hope to learn some new stuff here.
  3. [quote name='lowhand_mike' post='4287' date='May 22 2007, 11:12 AM']well first time after practice last night my left ear was really hurting, still is to be honest so i think now is the time to do something about it (might be a bit late but better than not at all) seeing as my amp is now really chucking out the volume. so is it possible to pull over the sticky from the last forum or shall we just start afresh. recommendations[/quote] Not just damn drummers, cymbals are what kill me.
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