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  1. Hi All, does anyone have any suggestions / view on the best dual channel amp head that can be used for both the Electric & Double bass, already aware of the EA doubler but are there any more suggestions out there? Cheers
  2. Moggy

    ZOOM B3 for sale

    Never gigged, comes complete with instructions, USB lead and mains charger Price includes postage
  3. Moggy

    Feedback for Ratman

    Purchased a pedal from Alex, nice smooth transaction, cheers
  4. Do you still have the digitech wah?
  5. Hi All, can anyone suggest a good multi effects unit that contains a good envelope filter?
  6. Hi All, i am on the look out for dep work or a top class regularly gigging band. I play Electric & Double Bass and have 27 years experience playing all styles of music from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pit work, Theatre shows both busing & reading gigs. Professional gear, Overwater basses, Fender Jazz & Precision Basses, Galien Krueger & Trace Elliot amps. If you are in need of a reliable bassist please give me a shout on the email below heers Rob [email protected] 07779491834
  7. Electric & Double Bassist available for dep gigs, shows, regular gigs etc., reading gigs or busking gigs 25 Years experience with Pro gear & a good attitude
  8. Moggy

    Gold Fender Precision 1981 - 1982

    Cheers that answers that then, the price seems a bit steep!! Rob
  9. Hi all Fender produced a Gold jazz bass from about 1981 - 1982 is anyone aware if they also created a gold colour precision around the same time?? Cheers Rob
  10. Hi, due to demise of function band and having to spend too many Saturday nights in with the Missus i am available for regular and or dep work. I am based in Dorset so can cover Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset & somerstet pretty easily. Ability to busk or dep, read the dots etc. Good gear & reliable Rob
  11. Hello Electric & Double bassist available, 25 years experience, for dep work, functions, pubs, shows etc. Can read, Dots & Chord charts, or busk. Good equipment & reliable Rob