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  1. @sambecker1 I messaged the seller a couple of weeks back and they advised it was sold unfortunately!
  2. Long shot but is this still available? ***Edit - I've managed to get one from elsewhere. GLWTS if you've not sold it already.
  3. Bought a pedal from Si, which just arrived today. Well packaged, swiftly delivered and just an overall excellent, hassle-free transaction. Thanks again!
  4. This is a sick board. Loving that OG Rat Tail. How you enjoying the Polara?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I only have passive basses myself. From reading a review on TalkBass one user said it didn't get on great with their active bass, however another said it worked well so not 100% sure unfortunately.
  7. Sold a Darkglass Vintage Microtubes Deluxe to Chris. Quick, hassle-free transaction and a top guy! Hope you enjoy the Darkglass!
  8. Feel free to drop me some feedback here if we've ever done some business! Thanks.
  9. Darkglass VMTD: Bought this a couple of weeks ago on here. I've only plugged this in once at home so it has seen minimal use. Great pedal, however the EQ features are surplus to my requirements so moving on. It is the latest Finnish model, and is in pristine condition. [s]£200.[/s] [b]SOLD![/b] IdiotBox Blower Box: Also bought off here, at the start of this year. Excellent rat-based distortion modelled for bass, however a little too heavy for my current needs so it is currently gathering dust. This is one of the limited edition screen printed models with a really cool black and yellow look. Only been used at home, velro'd underneath from its previous owner. [s]£85.[/s] £80. EHX Knockout: Great EQ pedal that completely changes the character of a bass/guitar. This has been gigged and has some minor cosmetic wear on the front, otherwise in perfect working order. £20. All pedals are fully boxed. All prices are inclusive of postage. Bank transfer preferred. I'm not overly interested in trades just now. Thank you for looking, and please feel free to get in touch.
  10. Bought a Darkglass VMTD off of Martin. Prompt delivery and packaged superbly - overall a really easy and pleasant transaction. Thank you.
  11. First of all, I would start by investing in a good power supply. I can't recommend the Diago Powerstation enough. I've had it for years and it has never let me down. There are many other power supplies out there but you can't go wrong with the Diago. Details here - [url="http://www.diago.co.uk/pedal-power/diago-powerstation.html"]http://www.diago.co....werstation.html[/url] In terms of the actual board there are, again, a number of options. Referring again to Diago, I currently own their Commuter board, which is a compact size and would be a great fit for the amount of pedals you have just now. It does, however, only come with a soft case. If you are looking for a sturdier offering, you'd be looking into boards with a hard case. I used to own a Diago Gigman (I'm not affiliated with them, honest), however this may be too large but could be ideal if you're looking to expand your herd in the future. Details of Diago boards here - [url="http://www.diago.co.uk/products/pedalboards/"]http://www.diago.co....ts/pedalboards/[/url] Pedaltrain is another company that specialises in pedal boards. They've just released a new batch of boards, and there are some smaller boards that come with a hard case, such as the Metro 16. You might find this site extremely useful - [url="http://pedalboardplanner.com/"]http://pedalboardplanner.com/[/url] Here, you can add in your exact pedals and find a board that's the best fit for them all. Details of all the Pedaltrain boards here - [url="http://www.pedaltrain.com/pedalboards/"]http://www.pedaltrain.com/pedalboards/[/url] No real cons of investing in a pedal board other than the obvious financial costs. A high quality, reliable power supply coupled with a pedal board and you will realistically be spending upwards of £100, unless you check the classifieds on here and eBay to save some money. Much more pros with setting up a pedal board: much easier to transport, quicker to set up at gigs, and much more reliable. Hope that offers you some help/guidance.
  12. [quote name='uzzell' timestamp='1424213180' post='2694012'] This may have come up a thousand times already but what patch leads are they? I cant seem to figure it out. [/quote] They're called Pro Snake patch cables, exclusive to Thomann (I believe). Very cheap but haven't let me down over the past couple of years. Can buy them in a few different sizes, the ones between the tuner, Darkglass and Blower Box are the 0.15m ones. Bought them from here: [url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/pro_snake_patch_klinke_winkel_015_m.htm"]http://www.thomann.d...inkel_015_m.htm[/url] Cheers
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