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  1. Just bought a Stingray from Andy. It's in pretty much perfect nick -- and exactly as advertised. As bottomE mentions above, Andy likes to package things to withstand the occasional nuclear blast, so it arrived in perfect order. Andy is a total gent, very friendly and helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
  2. Just to add a bit more praise for Jakesbass... I've had a few lessons with Jake now, and I can't recommend him highly enough. He's one of those rare people who's not only brilliant at what they do, but can also impart their wisdom to others. Well worth battling the horrors of the M25 for!
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    obbm's feedback

    A quick bit of feedback for Dave and his cables! I've just bought some instrument and speaker cables from him. He was really helpful and gave me some great advice. The goods turned up super-quick and the build quality was first class. I was slightly dubious as to whether I'd be able to notice any real difference in sound over my (admittedly cheap and nasty) original cables, but I was amazed at just how much better they were. Definitely the man to see if you are in need of high quality cables.
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