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  1. Thanks for the great offer 3 sets ordered this morning. I have not received a confirmation. e-mail yet should this be a concern?
  2. @bassassin thanks for the link. Didn't really anticipate finding a scratch plate but you never know.
  3. Seem to have acquired another that needs some love and attention. Lockdown project it is then. Anyone got a scratch plate? 😂
  4. This one pretty much sorted now, machine heads swapped out for some of the same era, neck shim fitted and set up nicely. Needs a fret dress but I don't have the bottle to as attack that myself.
  5. Spot on, thanks again. (Also the GB 10 will do the same job for your reference). If anyone is interested I will update as I proceed. Put 3 old strings on tonight plugged in and worked! No crackles or pops. No idea how long it's being laying about with no strings so (as I expected) the neck neck needs some adjustment so have it gently clamped to send it back the right way. Will let you know how it goes. What experiences have any of you guys had with the jazz style pick up. Couldn't get the best idea but sort of sounded ok. What are they like when properly set up? 😎
  6. Hi Bassassain. The older one (rosewood neck) has the 8 pole Maxon pickups as per your pic. ( I read your post from 10 years ago). Will pull one out at some point so I can date it. Thanks for all the info everyone. Still a little confused by the weight difference (I've zipped up my anorak now). And can anyone recommend a replacement machine head the hole is 15mm most seem to be 18mm and I am reluctant to butcher it. Tbh honest my intention was to fit EMG p/ups and a Schiller bridge I have sitting in an old squire jazz but would like to try it in its original spec. Either way I have developed quite an interest in these copy era instruments. 😎
  7. Thanks Maude. Did see this thread when I was hunting the web. Just need Bassassin to pop in, looks like he knows his stuff.
  8. I am now pretty confident the oldest bass is the rosewood neck and I think it has a walnut body hence the weight and is circa 72. The walnut neck is much lighter. I did see someone who commented the factory started using bass wood and if this is correct would explain the weight difference. Also noticed there is no viable truss rod access so must be under the scratch plate. EMG456 pretty much confirmed the serial number shows it to be September 1977.
  9. Hi Stub. I've seen a fair few with the made in Japan but never one that had a serial number. I did find one site that suggests it may date it as Aug 77 but really not sure if that's accurate.
  10. I have 2 Antoria Jazz Bass from the 70s I believe. I have one was my first bass some 35+ years ago the other I collected this morning and needs some TLC. A few things have sparked my curiosity so have popped my anorak and am hoping someone out there has a more in depth knowledge than I do. Apart from the obvious maple neck and the jazz style pickups as opposed to the humbucker looking pickups on the other. The neck plate has a serial number as well as made in Japan, the headstock logo is black as opposed to a sparkly effect, it is considerably lighter and the remaining 3 tuners look original but I know the tuners were changed from (what I remember is was a long time ago) smaller black ones because they didn't look right to me as 15 year old. The pickgaurd I suspect is original and has the holes where the pickup covers and thumb rest used to be. I understand they where produced in the fugigen gakki factory and where part of the lawsuit guitars era along with Ibanez, maya, Grant and a few others. My qustion really is one pre and one post lawsuit? Although interested in any of the history. Any input / feedback (say that to a sound man a observe the look of befuddlement on his face) would be really appreciated.
  11. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1378481417' post='2200988'] Ah, LB will be lead/bass then. Think its the pre supergroup one, but the back panel info is missing, does it have 2 or 3 impedance options, 3 is Supergroup. Reliability is down to being teched and good valves. If it hasn't been sorted, blowing up is pretty imminent. Also they will eat poor modern valves. [/quote] Thanks everyone for there input...( input...see what I did there) There are 3 Impedance options and 4 voltage options. what is meant by supergroup?
  12. Yes defiantly a Laney circa 72/73 according to one of the techs at Laney. the stamp embossed on the back is LB141 100w.
  13. Some pics as promised. would like to know more about this amp sound reliability etc, any one ever used one or maybe you still are? [attachment=142644:IMAG0237.jpg] [attachment=142645:IMAG0238.jpg] [attachment=142646:IMAG0239.jpg]
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