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  1. Hi everyone, I seem to remember a thread in the "old forum" (oooeeeerrrr very Frankie Howerd ) concerning 6 string Jazz style basses. So for those that are interested here is the latest addition to my stable. This is an STR LS648, made in Japan by Satoru Yatsuzuka and his team It is a 34" scale instrument with a maple neck and fingerboard. The body is light ash, I can vouch for it being light as the whole instrument just tips 9.5lbs on the scales, and the top and matchng peghead facings are wenge, It has an STR designed bridge which is very substantial, string spacing is a medium 18mm. The pickups are proprietary STR and they feed into an Aguilar OBP3 pre-amp. The fit and finish is just exceptional.
  2. Also worth noting that the "tax man" uses his own currency rates to calculate the duties and VAT The rates by month can be found on the Customs and Excise website. Sometimes works for you and then sometimes against
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