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  1. Sorry I don't have any clips ..... to be honest its been little played for the last 5 years [quote name='gridchin' timestamp='1380379707' post='2224515'] Do you have any clip? Bump!! [/quote]
  2. Now considering suitable trades + cash ........ nothing longer than 34" scale please. Unless someone has a nice double bass Examples would be Smith, Fodera, Alleva etc
  3. [quote name='doki' timestamp='1379101817' post='2208796'] this is my favorite fodera model... reduced to the max.. i always wondered how heavy those are? what set of strings is on this (is every string tapered)? [/quote] It's actually not that heavy due I think to the semi chambered body. I seem to recall weighing it at about 10.5lbs. In any case and IMO it really isn't a bass greatly suited to playing on a strap standing, no surprise really considering the player it is designed around. String wise I went from the start with Fodera steel strings in fact the AJ Signature set gauges [font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][size="2"][color="#000000"]25-45-65-85-105-125. All the strings are exposed core as opposed to taper which seems to introduce a more flexible feel than you might expect with those gauges on a 36" scale.[/color][/size][/font] [quote name='rogerwilliamsen' timestamp='1379150218' post='2209127'] I so want to buy this one. Is a fifth Fodera worth risking a marriage? [/quote] In a word Roger .... NO Sounds to me though with 4 in your arsenal already, your wife, like my own dear lady, is prepared to indulge your love of Fodera instruments.
  4. I just updated the original post with detail photos of the three dings, captured as well as I can. One pence piece used to reference size Thanks for looking.
  5. [quote name='Johannes Oehl' timestamp='1377634547' post='2189783'] Body is ash with flamed maple toneblock imo [/quote] Thanks Johannes I already checked with Fodera and updated the original post
  6. After some input from an interested party it seems I made a mistake on the body wood Details amended in the original post along with extra detail after getting the details direct from Fodera
  7. Hi everyone and thanks for all the interest and supportive comments. Thanks to Molan for confirming the current price for a new one of these. Someone please buy this before I waver and hide it in the bass safe again !!! One thing and not wishing to be pernickety, I am getting a lot of messages requesting trades and I am really not looking to trade this instrument so please to avoid disappointment no trade offers please. Thanks and best wishes Nick
  8. [color=#282828][font=Helvetica]After much mental to-ing and fro-ing and soul searching I have come to the decision that the time is right to let my Fodera AJ Presentation go to a new home. Truth is that these days it never gets played, due to my hand problems I'm now sticking to 34" or less scale length instruments.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=Helvetica]Any way here she is up for sale.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=Helvetica]A beautiful Fodera Anthony Jackson Presentation model 6 string bass. I bought this bass in 2003 from a really great guy in the US. He had bought it virtually unused in 2001, this is also the year it was built. This bass has a 36" scale length with a 28 fret fingerboard of Madagascar Kingwood. The neck is maple with pin stripe purpleheart stringers, the body is swamp ash and the carved top a lovely Curly Redwood. There is a single custom Fodera pickup and the bass is totally passive, no controls or preamp. It has a lovely tone and plays nicely with a nice low action. The bass is in excellent condition, there are three cosmetic "dings" which are not at all deep or serious but are mentioned for completeness. There is a shallow dent on the front of the bass about 2mm square only noticeable when the light catches it the right way, a similar mark on the rear of the bass too. A small (1mm diameter) ding on the pickup cover itself too. I will try and photograph these if requested, as mentioned they are small and difficult to catch. The playing surfaces are all clean from any blemishes. The bass comes with the original hard case and tools.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=Helvetica]I am asking £7500 for this bass and while I know this is a large amount a new one will set you back around twice that and you will have to wait some years to receive it. I'm not looking for any trades on this bass either ..... sorry. I would prefer, greatly, a UK sale preferably with the buyer picking up to avoid any shipping calamities.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=Helvetica]Thanks for looking.[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=Helvetica]Cheers[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=Helvetica]Nick[/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=Helvetica][/font][/color]
  9. Pete, bought my Stick. A pain free and totally pleasant transaction from start to finish. Nice bloke too.
  10. SOLD .... many thanks to petetapner for a painless and pleasant deal.
  11. Hi David Your PM replied to. Cheers Nick
  12. Hi everyone Up for sale is my Chapman Stick. This is a 2012 model purchased new by me from Stick Ent in March this year. It is a 10 string instrument set up for the baritone melody tuning. THe wood used is Padauk and it has been dyed black. The markers are pearl gold linear. It has all the latest Stick refinments ..... fret rails, nut flaps and the dividided truss rod system. Pickup is the original Stickup system. The package includes a hardcase, all the original tools, strap, two spare sets of strings and Greg Howard's instructional DVD and book. Everything is as it arrived from the US .... effectively as new. Price is £1500 and collection from NW Surrey would be preferred but shipping can be arranged at cost to the buyer. Cheers Nick
  13. Bumpity Bump ..... sensible offers considered on the W&T and Alembic
  14. Simply gorgeous bass If it was a 33" scale I might have been tempted to let my AJ go Have a bump anyway !
  15. [quote name='lozbass' timestamp='1340889807' post='1711102'] Hi Nick - what's the build year for the Brown Bass? Also, does the bass have the 'Stanley' taper (1.5" to 2.15")? I notice that it's a non-adjustable nut - I'm not sure if this is common with Brown Basses (I'll check but you may know). Truly lovely - what a bass to forget (absolute centrepiece of nearly everybody else's collection!) [/quote] Replied to your PM
  16. [quote name='OliverBlackman' timestamp='1340814802' post='1710030'] I am willing to clear out your "cluttered corner" for £100 and the chance to keep whatever i find [/quote] Two chances ...... slim and none lol Nice try though
  17. [quote name='BMBR' timestamp='1340810527' post='1709950'] You forgot you had an Alembic ??? LOL. [/quote] I know it sounds incredible but ..... yes lol It was only my wife forcing me to clear out a corner in a spare room that unearthed it. I really need help !!
  18. Was just running through the remaining cases and gig bags and came across the following, strange as it might seen I forgot I had it. Still it has to go to a good new home .... Alembic Brown Bass:- Mahogany body, Flame Walnut front and back facings. Mahogany, Maple, Walnut through neck. Ebony fretboard with oval MOP inlays. Two Alembic p/us. Controls are individual volume, Q switch for each p/u, Filter control for each p/u and p/u selector switch. Condition is excellent, it has really not been played ..... could maybe do with a slight fret dress to remove some sharp ends. Tools and hard case included ..... somehow I have mislaid the case keys but I will search and see if they turn up. Looking for 2500 GBP ovno. [IMG]http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j213/Nick_Bassman/DSC_0098.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j213/Nick_Bassman/DSC_0099.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j213/Nick_Bassman/DSC_0101.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j213/Nick_Bassman/DSC_0102.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j213/Nick_Bassman/DSC_0100.jpg[/IMG]
  19. Surely someone fancies an early Xmas present ? Open to offers
  20. [quote name='molan' timestamp='1320956765' post='1433822'] Slightly off topic but - you have an AJ Presentation & a Monarch, how cool. I've never seen an AJ in the flesh HAve you posted pics of these anywhere here? [/quote] Hiya, I thought I had posted pics of the AJ here but a search didn't bring them up. Shoot me a pm if you want some pics of the AJ to drool over Cheers Nick
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