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  1. Jamerson/Parker/Coltrane et al, all played in a non-repetitive style. One of the things with your average overplayer, is that they end up repeating themselves very quickly. The same licks, in different songs.
  2. Who appointed Fodera as King of the bass world anyway... There are lots of top level names who don't play them.
  3. Which one would you choose to be stranded on a desert island with? A Jazz bass would do for me.
  4. Fretless has a habit of concentrating the mind.
  5. Expensive doesn't always mean good. I've learned that one by experience.
  6. I much prefer the sound of the Sire...
  7. Everything in its right place. There's nothing to prove.
  8. I blame Futurism for the whole crock of new products and the fascination with Musk.
  9. You pays your money and you takes your chances if you're buying off Dodgy Jack.
  10. Sounds a bit tappity to me, like it could do with an oil change.
  11. The sound of the prawn cocktail starter was louder than the band.
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