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  1. If I can shamelessly get to 200 likes on my Facebook page, I'll do a video tutorial on how I sing and play From root notes to all the virtuoso goodies. (Slap, Tap, Complicated rhythms, Any suggestions) [url="http://www.facebook.com/chrislbarronbass"]www.facebook.com/chrislbarronbass[/url] C Bass
  2. Singing bassist here. Lead, harmonies/backing vocals and I have a tendency to what I like to call 'Slap and Rap'. Anybody needs any advice give me a PM and I'd be happy to try and help.
  3. Hey everybody. Needing recommendations for a good musical C.V maker. Any help appreciated thanks! Chris
  4. [quote name='Old Man Riva' timestamp='1433533779' post='2792003'] There used to be an agency called Session Conection based in Putney - under the railway arches on Disraeli Road. They'd book TV shows (miming and/or otherwise) up to some of the larger gigs of the time. Back in the day (mid/late 80s, early 90s) some of the easiest money were the 'tape swaps'. As I recall it MU rules would dictate that if an artist was to appear on a TV programme such as Top of the Pops and use a backing band then the musicians that were due to play to the backing track (mime) would have to be the same players who played on the backing track used (!). In reality a studio would be booked and you'd sit around all day and either do nowt, or busk along to a track slightly resembling the original - try putting together a full backing track for, say, Lionel Ritchie (inc orchestration) in just an afternoon! The boxed tapes were then signed off by the MU (who, it should be stressed, did this believing they were signing off legitimate tracks, so were absolutely acting in good faith). When it came to the programme the backing track would simply be swapped back to the original backing track (supplied by record company or artist) and you'd be miming along to top LA session players etc who played on the original. It was one of the most soul destroying experiences imaginable, but it paid. Doesn't the MU still produce a directory listing musicians? It was tough back then and even tougher these days, so I'm told. [/quote] Not quite sure on this one. Have heard similar things in past. Will definitely have a look into it.
  5. [quote name='JamesBass' timestamp='1433525817' post='2791910'] Only way I've gone about it so far is to do it all myself, it's a massive ball ache but I'm in control and any cock ups are my fault, keeps things simple! Though I do have contacts at agencies for dep work, they just recommend me on if a band needs someone. [/quote] Thank you very much! Great answer. Are the agencies contacts you speak of more towards the personal contact side or did you join these agencies? Either way I am intrigued as I'm fairly unaware of where to go even for dep work. Networking has been my main squeeze but that can only go so far sometimes.
  6. Hi all. No doubt this subject has came up before... But I'm looking for an agency to represent me as a session player and have no idea where to start. Looking for the best even if it may cost me. Been DIY for a long time but I could do with the boost. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Chris.
  7. No idea which thread would be appropriate for this so I'm just gonna through it in here to be safe. Feel free to advise me on this one! Anyway! Hey everybody I've started a new Youtube and Facebook account for my playing. Please check them out and like them if you're into it! https://www.youtube.com/chrislbarronbass https://www.facebook.com/chrislbarronbass Below is the direct link to my first video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0IuHEFTHhk Thanks! Chris
  8. Excellent weekend recording with [url="http://www.facebook.com/jimmykebab?group_id=0"]Jimmy Smith[/url] & Sean between playing gigs with a sweet band called Too Spicy! Nice People all round Totally worth the lack of sleep! Here's a little taste of what's coming to you just as soon as it's ready! Little personal note from me too: Never let anybody try and intimidate you with their genre or style and try not to do the same. I'm seriously sick of people getting on their high horse about what their taste are. There is no right or wrong. So your band is tight, technical, in tune and in time? Sounds good to me. I may not like your music... That doesn't mean you're not a good band. Bad music is taste. Bad bands, suck. (Recorded using my phone!) [url="http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=531855863513182&comment_id=6007293&notif_t=video_comment"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHZvUGye8is[/url] www.facebook.com/thehostiles www.acguitars.co.uk
  9. Hello to all you low enders! My Ska/Punk band 'The Hostiles' are doing a Scottish weekend starting tonight In Edinburgh! Here's the details of you fancy coming along 30th Sept (tonight)- Edinburgh- Banshee Labrynthe- Free show 31st Sept- Aberdeen- Drummonds- W/Bombskare £5 1st Oct- Dundee- Balcony Bar £5 We'll be on after 8 every night. I don't know exactly sorry! For all those unfamiliar with the band, you can find us at: www.Facebook.com/the-hostiles www.myspace.com/hostileska www.YouTube.com/hostileska As always I will be reppin' ACG with my Custom Recurve 5 If you don't like the band... I'm sure the Bass will urge you along Hopefully see ya there! Peace! Chris Barron and The Hostiles
  10. To our absolute pleasure!!! We have been given the privilege of being the openers for Less Than Jake, Zebrahead and We Are The Union Thursday, November 18th at the Edinburgh HMV Picture House!!! Tickets are £15 and it is going to be a riot! Doors are at 6:30 and I believe we are on at THIS IS THE ONLY DATE LESS THAN JAKE ARE DOING IN SCOTLAND and they are superb live! Hope to catch some of y'all Peace Chris
  11. Tony Kanal- No Doubt Pat Kays- Catch 22 Matt Wong- (ex) Reel Big Fish
  12. [quote name='lozbass' post='873564' date='Jun 21 2010, 03:32 PM']Is this cramp in your hands or something more general? If you're drinking more alcohol than normal (not unusual during tours) this could contribute. Also, if it's cramp in your hands, are you playing more forcefully/harder than normal (not unusual in gig situations where monitoring is poor)? The added exertion could also result in cramp. Again, if it is cramp in your hands, can you change (carefully) your technique to reduce longer stretches? It may be worth experimenting with different positions across rather than along the board? Good luck![/quote] Thanks for that! It's in my hands and I believe I am being too forceful! School boy error on my part haha. Thanks again Chris
  13. Hey everybody! I've been on tour for 6 days now and I'm suffering from some cramp. I've been doing stretches, warm up/warm exercises, but they don't seem to be helping. I think maybe I'm not stretching properly? Any thoughts? Chris
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