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  1. Not had this long. Great pedal but the VT bass DI works better for me. Comes with all packaging and paperwork (apparently tech 21 have dropped the old tins for cardboard now). £140 plus £5 for postage
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  3. Ugh, I want this so badly. I have the black version with a maple fretboard and I always said I'd pick up the sunburst model if I had the chance... Great price, too. Someone buy this before I do!
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  5. Up for sale is my Tech 21 VT bass 500 & B112-VT 1x12 cab. The head is based on the DI version of the famous sansamp VT pedal, but with the bonus of having a mid switchable setting, which for me, made a big difference. The cab is genuinely perfect for the head. Tonally, it's voiced perfectedly, even so much as the tweeter actually sounds good left on with heavily distorted tones. Old school mid heavy, but with decent top end, without being harsh. I want £325 and won't accept offers lower. This is less than half the price it was new, and less than the new combo 200 watt version (and has the missing features). I can probably sort out shipping, but it would be at the buyers expense and risk. Get yourself a lightweight, giggable, great sounding head, with a cab you can leave at home to use as a practice rig.
  6. Chances are you already know how good this pedal is, so all I'll say is the only reason I'm selling is I no longer need two! I'm after £160 plus postage I've also got this up on eBay so I won't be able to put the sale on hold, sorry!
  7. Hi guys, Up for sale is my Mesa Boogie Big Block 750 & Bergantino AE212. After not being in a band for the past 6 months, and this rig being way too loud for my tiny office, I'm reluctantly selling it and downsizing. I'm asking for £900 for both, which I think is a bit of a bargin. I'll even thrown in the 4U rackcase and rack draw. Collection from Peterborough, or I could meet somewhere within reason. Trade wise I'm after a Mesa walkabout scout 12. Cheers guys, Dave
  8. Trade pending, thanks to everyone who got in touch.
  9. I really hoped this day would never come, but due to a change in circumstance where I can't leave my rig in rehearsal space storage anymore, I'm putting up my Bergantino NV610. Genuinely the best cab I've ever had. I've recorded with some serious producers who were sceptical before hearing it, but soon changed their minds once they heard it. I'm selling for £750 collected from Peterborough. Trade wise, I'm after a 2x12 or a light 4x10, or even a 2x10 depending on what it is. I'll put up some pictures soon, but it's mint, other than the usual minor wear and tear underneath the cab where the padded cover doesn't protect.
  10. Tech 21 VT bass, the second version with the speaker sim switch, £49 collected, or I can post it at buyers cost. Few scratches on the edges, but other than that pretty perfect! Priced to sell quickly (hopefully)
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