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  1. Yeah, that's my bass 😂. What I'm saying is I'm seeing them listed (and selling) a bit more expensive than that, and I'm glad i didn't pay more!
  2. So, at the time of writing there were a couple of the Squiers listed at the £600 mark on Reverb but I don't see them now, but looking back the selling history it seems its been between £400-£500 recently, which I still think is steep for this bass. The soldering on it is criminal and the pots were covered glue, and like I say the body is very light. Other that the neck, this isn't a patch on even a Squier VM p bass.
  3. So, I bought one of these recently, cost about £270 plus postage but I see they regularly go for anything up to like £500-600, which is MENTAL! It IS a thing of beauty... BUT.... All the money is really in the 'signature' which isn't actually there 😂 and the unique style of it- the Tele headstock, the old pickguard config and the split pickup etc. But if I'm being honest, it's a bit cheap feeling and sounding... Don't get me wrong, the neck feels great! It's really nice to play. But the body is quite lightweight (a bonus to some!) but the pickups sound pretty thin, and they actually somehow look a bit cheap and nasty too. I think I just feel like it's a cheaply made bass with a pretty big price-tag just cos of the Mike Dirnt association. In saying all of that, I'm treating it like a project bass... it's getting a paint job, a new bridge, new pickups, new pots, and I'm treating the light weight as a bonus for those longer gigs! But I think if you had £400 to £600 kicking about, I'd figure something else out.
  4. I'd take this off your hands bud 👍
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