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  1. Hi. Decided 50 quid was too much for a Gramma Pad so decided to make my own. Spent about half that. Most of it on a couple of Proel Isoblocks. The rest was a cheap door mat, some scrap strand board, black paint, UHU and a couple of screws. The Proel blocks are interesting. Kind of a foam wood sandwich. The top is high density foam, the bottom is very coarse foam and the wood in the middle is very light. I tried them on their own straight under my 210 on a temporary hollow high stage in a very large school hall and there was no boominess at all. Pretty punchy. Surprisingly the coarse foam doesn't collapse much. Only downsides are that the coarse foam makes the cab a little wobbly, which is a result of the de-coupling with the floor. And the high density foam is a little fragile. It dents easily, which is why I decided to make a board. Looking forward to using the board now Photos below. The small block under the front is a carry handle.
  2. Any idea how I get into my bass attack. The power socket is bust. I removed all the obvious screws holding the base on but it won't come off. Thought it might be the pots but they are all loose.
  3. Ta. Good to hear its not just me.
  4. Peavey T.B.Raxx if you can find one. Doubt you will find better value for money.
  5. Ta. I actually ran it under one of the cab feet. Will try a handle instead.
  6. Took my BH250 out for a spin last night and was worried it might pull it off the cab. Any tips in how to restrain the lead.
  7. That doesnt make much difference either.
  8. Nah. It's plenty loud enough straight into my headphones.
  9. Hi I tried using my phone in the aux in but it was way quieter than my bass, had to turn my bass down loads and then lose the impact of any effect. Is there any way I can bump up the aux in volume. Ta
  10. Hi. I thought I read somwhere that the Digitech FS3X worked with the BH250. Can anyone confirm this? Ta
  11. Found the circuit http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/TOWN8019/MyStorage/Pre-Amp%20Page%20Pics/H%5F1989%5F2%5FBand%5FSchematic%2EJPG
  12. Would this work in my OLP MM3? http://www.ernieball.co.uk/p/music-man-stringray-bass-pre-amp?pp=8
  13. It's here http://artecsound.com/pickups/electronics/images/se2-a-dim.jpg
  14. Have decided that my scratchy Artec pan pot needs replacing. Actually not interested in pan as it's a mm type humbucker so wondering about a rotary switch instead. How would I mod the circuit?
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