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  1. The Markbass is now sold. The compact still available.
  2. Now sold pending the usual. Thanks for all the interest.
  3. I bought this about about five years ago and have had it customised in the following ways :- Badass 3 bridge Jazz style pickup put in the bridge position. The pickups are the Wizard P/J Combo (Big) set. The input jack is now on the side which leaves room for the extra volume pot and I think looks neater. The controls are Vol/Vol/Tone. It's strung with Thomastik jazz flats. It comes with the Fender hard case and its goodies. I have the receipt and original bridge. Price wise I think it's worth £550 but please let me know if you think I'm way out. Thanks for looking. Steve. [attachment=53374:Photo048.jpg][attachment=53375:Photo049.jpg][attachment=53376:Photo051.jpg][attach ment=53377:Photo052.jpg][attachment=53379:Photo053.jpg]
  4. I'm having to sell off some of my more saleable stuff as I need some cash. The Markbass LMK is the two channel 500 watt jobbie. It's in great condition and comes with the gig bag (which you don't need to take it out of) and the footswitch. I was thinking £425 for this. The Barefaced Compact is about a year old and is not the carpet covered version. For anyone who doesn't know about these it is a 1x15, it is stupidly light and very loud. I was thinking £325 for this. Together they make a very loud, light and versatile rig. If you want both I would take £700. Please let me know if you think these prices are way out. I live near Sheffield and would prefer collection but I am willing to deliver or meet up within a reasonable distance. Thanks for looking Steve [attachment=53339:Photo054.jpg][attachment=53340:Photo055.jpg][attachment=53341:Photo056.jpg][attach ment=53342:Photo057.jpg][attachment=53343:Photo059.jpg]
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I bought an Aguilar GS112 from Lee, great transaction and fast secure delivery, many thanks. Steve
  7. Great stuff, I'll get some pics of the set up and put a review on here. Cheers Steve
  8. [quote name='alexclaber' post='633131' date='Oct 22 2009, 08:05 AM']What date's your gig? Alex[/quote] The gigs on Thursday 29th at Barnsley. Steve
  9. Alex, If you want to send one to me I'm playing a gig next week with a death metal band and I'll be using my Compact with no PA support, that should give the Compact/Midget rig a good try.
  10. [quote name='Monz' post='625734' date='Oct 14 2009, 09:03 AM']Wentworth... I'm surprised we can't hear each other practice lol I'm in Wombwell[/quote] It's a small world int it ! I wouldn't mind hearing that Matamp when you get it. I've also got a Barefaced Compact if you haven't heard those. Sorry for the thread hi jack Steve
  11. I don't live too far from you (about 40mins) and I've got a Bergantino HS410 and an Ampeg SVT 410HLF (loads a bottom) you can come along and try if you like. Steve
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