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  1. Absolutely fantastic looking bass! GLWS!
  2. I am wondering if you are perhaps reaching the mechanical limit of the driver. Is this a five string? Are you using a high pass filter?
  3. Indeed they are! I must have seen EMG listed on the website when looking at the Spring bass.
  4. That is drop-dead gorgeous. I took a look at the Lignum site. The woodwork is outrageous! Love it. Now, I need to hear it with something other than EMGs (of which I am not too fond).
  5. Hey everyone. BassNugget here. Long timer on Bovinhost's channel and Talkbass in the US. Figured I would also get on over here at Basschat. I'm from the San Francisco Bay area of California, USA. Spent a lot of time touring through Europe and Asia in the past. Love to talk about bass and music related stuff. Hope to chat with y'all on some good topics. Cheers!
  6. Just saw this thread. I know it is a bit old. Do any of you guys use Acoustic Image products? Seems like the Coda or Upshot would have been perfect here. Acoustic Image Coda
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