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  1. Cheers, I appreciate it. 'tis a lovely bass - so hopefully someone will cherish it like I did. My tastes are now firmly in slimmer narrower neck territory.
  2. It never bothers me, to be honest, but I'm going to sell it as I just don't play it that much anymore. Not sure anyone will buy it if there is a slight crackle when the pots are adjusted?
  3. I've got a 21 year old G&L L2000 (USA) and it's been hung on my wall far too long! No I've started playing it again, it's got a little crackle on the 3 pots. I've tried squirting a little DeoxiIT Dn5 which improved it a bit, but it's still here when I roll the controls up or down. Any suggestions? Or is this to be expected on a 21 year old bass? Is it better to replace the pots - in which case - can anyone tell me if it's the 250KA - 250K Audio Taper or 500KA - 500K Audio Taper I need to order? Or am I better off keeping the instrument as is, with a 'vintage' sound/crackle........?
  4. Thanks Dave, appreciate the feedback. I've rejigged my G&L a little to reduce the relief and lower the action further and it's definitely better, but it's still a stretch on the ol' left thumb, even dropping my thumb down to use better technique. I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger and going for the jazz.
  5. Thanks very much for the feedback! I played a 38mm nut neck bass a little while ago and while the string spacing felt quite different to my G&L, the neck felt narrower and more comfortable. Think I will just need to get used to the string spacing. Have seen a Jazz Deluxe Active (MIM) that I've got my eye on.....
  6. I wondered if anyone has any experience of these two necks? My main bass is a 20 yr old G&L L2000 and recently I've started to find the neck uncomfortable (a bit painful) to play (since I started developing some pain in the lower knuckle of my fretting hand thumb - maybe arthritis of ligamentous). I think the stretch is just starting to feel a bit much. Am thinking of buying a Jazz instead with a slimmer neck. Just wondered if anyone ever had the same issue - that neck started to feel uncomfortable to play. (New here - so excuse the stupid question!) Cheers
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