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  1. Yes..Same year!! The most versatile bass I've ever owned. Really light weight and very good for every kind of music. Good luck, also. Cheers
  2. Hi there! Here I'm selling the fretted brother. GLWTS
  3. Thank you for your words Mike. Regarding to Humility, I think that is one of the best "feedback" we can get from music. It was a pleasure to deal with you too. I'm not sure if I mentioned, but shipping costs would be like 50£ or 60£ depending on where is the new home for this bass. We can discuss it further and see the best options to get a good final price. No problem at all. Cheers!!
  4. Hi there, I put on sale this active Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass 2009 from the American Deluxe series (2004-2009). The price is 1.250£. It is located in A Coruña (Spain) The Fender specifications are as follows: Metallic silver headstock logo Modern C-shaped, graphite reinforced neck. Contoured heel for more fret access 5 bolt neckplate with Corona California Fender logo stamped. Abalone dot fret markers. Rosewood rolled edge fretboard. Montego Black paint. Gold pickguard Through body or topload bridge. Hipshot USA made Deluxe Lite-Bass tuning machines. 3 Band Active EQ with 18 volt power supply. Samarium ™ Cobalt Noiseless Jazz Bass pickups. Schaller Style Strap Lock Buttons. Alder body and maple neck, with a 9.5 "radius rosewood fingerboard. The bass is light and really well balanced (3.8kg or less, approx.) Abalone inlays are just amazing. The pickups are Fender SCN (Samarium Cobalt Noiseless), with a classic sound without any noise. 3-band EQ and very quiet, with a punchy output. This pre-2010 Deluxe series has nothing to do with the later one. Only good things are said about its pickups, how balanced and comfortable it is. Depending on the EQ you use, you can have from the most classic and vintage sound to that powerful Marcus Miller sound, while maintaining that quality and sound so familiar from Fender. The frets have just been luthier to be leveled although the bass has little use, as I have other Passives and I hardly play it. It has not passed through other hands. In fact, he hasn't been out of the house more than a couple of times. It is the real reason why I decided to put it up for sale, even if it costs me to part with it. For that reason it's only for sale, but I'm looking for an Aguilar Tone Hammer 350 or 500. So maybe a trade for Aguilar + money would be possible. Apart from that I have enough equipment. As you can see in the images it is very well cared for and treated. The neck behaves perfectly and has a very comfortable action. It's a super versatile bass. Includes its Fender case. The only visible imperfect is a scratch on the pickguard (where you have access to the truss screw) that a luthier made when adjusting the neck and he seemed to find it too much work to unscrew the pickguard. The rest, natural marks of use. We will discuss and figure out the best way for shipping. No problem, indeed!! Any questions or doubts do not hesitate to ask me. Thanks for your time and interest. Héctor
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