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  1. I had exactly the same experience with Hipshot recently. Had purchased a set of HB7 tuners for my Fender MIM Precision - a drop in replacement, were it not that the bushings / ferrules were slightly too small - dropping out of the headstock without string tension, and slightly lifting out of the headstock under tension. Mailed Hipshot and received a speedy response from Oscar, who sent me a set of perfectly fitting replacements without any charge at all (not even shipping, from USA). Definitely impressed with their product and service, highly recommend them!
  2. Didn’t really see this mentioned, but Sire - at least my P7 fretless - has the side dot marks at the same position as fretted. I find it confusing, but given its lined fretboard, it’s OK I guess...
  3. Well - it's not a big place - near Gouda (the cheese place, indeed), not too far away from Delft as well. @BassTractor - are you on Muff Wiggler's as well?
  4. Hello there! Just a quick post to introduce myself, after initially lurking around for a bit. I go by the name of Hans, 46 years old, hailing from Holland. Have been playing bass for some three or four years, turns out I’m not amazingly talented but having great fun anyway. While my main instrument is (modular) synth, bass allows me to approach music in a completely different way - funny how that works out. After initial starter upgrades it appears I’ve landed on a Fender MIM Precision and a fretless Stingray Special, played over Ampeg PF amplification. Thanks in advance for having me around!
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