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  1. Wish i could. Seller is far away from my area and will ship it. Asks another 20-30 for packaging and shipping so will cost me about 50€. I'm skeptical because the value of the bass alone is less than shipping 🤣 , the fact that i dont like fretless so much and that i see something wrong about bridge / string / neck position there. Those bridge string holes from the back don't look to be in-line.

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  2. I am back. Are you ready for a long  extended report ?

    So, the first natural bass just landed three days agoI. As expected, it's a Korean Hondo II HJB-2N or Johnny Guitar (the same Samick Hondo HJB-2N model exported in Europe). And as i was guessing, it's not a No Name one, remember my first post when i was saying that the headstock seemed from the pics a bit discoloured? I was true. It's pretty hard from the scratch to tell the brand, but i think it was saying Hondo II there. ☺️ What do you think, Hondo II or Johnny Guitar in a circle?

    The bass was pretty dirty, but it is aged very well. After a full cleaning process, restoration and setup it plays like butter, with lovely oldish tone. 😍 

    If you look and zoom carefully to before - after pics it's like day and night. I removed rust from each every screw using white vinegar, baking soda and Dremel tool, polished hardware with microfiber cloth and Silvo polish, frets using nail buffer, cleaned wood, fretboard and whole thing with damp cloth. Also removed old grease and dirt from tuners, polished, regreased and reoiled with vaseline and light parafin oil when needed. Neck was straight like sword and rod worked from first time. I just made the appropriate little truss rod adjustment by turning a bit clockwise when doing setup for 0.40-0.45 7th fret relief. Low nice action as i prefer it and left intonation for today. This, will probably be a bit hard to do due to double saddle, but will see. Worst case scenario, you must learn to live with things like that when it is about those old beauties. 😁 

    Electronics: when i got it, neck pup and tone pot were completely dead. Turned out to be a broken solder connection on the neck switch leg and a completely missing tone cap! This must something to do with the replacement handmade control plate that previous owner had done. Someone messed things up in there while replacing the old plate. And could also explain the low price (almost free) i gave the instrument for, as was listed as "not working item".🤣 I resoldered the neck pup broken wire connection, searched internet for pics on what caps those Hondos were using and added an old NOS Philips yummy tropical fish 47nF cap i had laying around from a previous Philicorda organ restoration! Cleaned all contacts with isopropyl and sprayed pots with Teslanol T6 for life.

    Body: Some kind of ash or NATO wood (accord. to Samick wiki site). 3 pieces of solid nice wood. A bit in the heavy side, the whole bass weights about 4,9kgs. 

    Neck: Maple, maple fretboard. Nice frets, already rounded (no work needed), zero buzzing at all, easy truss setup that stays solid after strings put on, really dig it.

    Tuners: Seems like they suffered in the past, not the greatest ever, but do their job perfectly. 

    Pups: As the master @Bassassin said, Maxon licenced, unbranded, but comparing with original ones, their specs and measurements online, they must be Maxon's, not just copies. Pretty hot, punchy, but oldish moody groovy sound. Measured about 10.4K and 10.6K. Pseudo humpbacks but single coils, like Maxon's should be.

    Nut: Used an old brass one, don't think it's original, probably added by previous owner. Cannot say i like it too much, gives a metallic tone that my buddy another bassist found awesome for slappy playing. As I'm not that slappy guy, i will change it anyway lol. 

    Have also ordered from ebay new bridge and pup covers, control plate, thumb rest and truss rod cover.

    As you can imagine, i really really really already love this thing, big ups to everyone, Peace.

    PS. More pics to come up.











  3. Yes, true story.  I think this thread has way more to go. Will keep updating when receive and restore them.

    About bridge n pups covers, do you think something like that would fit?

    What about metal material, should i look for a certain kind (chrome, zinc etc) to match the original? What metal did they use back then?


  4. While waiting for the first bass to come here, i keep digging trying to solve the mystery.

    @Bassassin  Look to what i have found. Johnny Guitar. They share common square heels, narrow backplate (just a sticker that can easily have gone away), pseudo-Maxon pups, tuners etc.


    A pic from another Johnny Guitar bass and then a No Name Korean 70s (Hondo Samick). Now that i see it, due to saddle and no name in headstock, it's more close to the second one 😛


    @Bassassin thank you for your great info on old beauties so far. If you are into those things like me, it's a pleasure reading your posts. Love digging for infos and help too on those pieces of history, more arms on the wheels !



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  5. Hehe thank you guys, hope things turn more clear when receive them. I will keep you updated but they will take time to land here as my friends will visit me only by end of February due to covid limitations.

    I am really anxious to see what is under those monsters!

    Any other info, clue or anything is welcome!

  6. Hello everyone, another MIJ identification nightmare thread.

    Found two unbranded basses for little money the other day. The pics are taken from mate's dad so don't expect much, those are the only ones i have for now.


    Bass #1: No Name Jazz bass, Natural finish, probably Japan 70s, Maxon pickups, covers and thumb rest are missing. Factory?  Maybe headstock logo has been erased? Looks like there us a little slight discoloration there or it's the pic. Don't want to bother my friend's dad more with that, so i have to wait still i get it in my hands. 🤣


    Bass #2: No Name P bass, MIJ, probably early 80s Lawsuit (I'm not saying the three words 😂) in pretty decent condition in its hard case. For this one i found one and only result identical to my bass in the whole internet world. It's an old sold item from a UK seller / luthier on Reverb. 


    It's the same as mine, missing covers. I don't think its a Hondo or Vester like mentioned there. What do you think guys?

    Any help would be appreciated. 🙂









  7. Hello everyone, i found an old 70's Eko Manta bass in decent condition. Start price was 150€ then got down to 120€. Was wondering if it is worth it, if i could get a usable tone from it. Having in mind that i already own an old 60s Teisco EB 220 (the "shark" one, found for few bucks back then), could this Eko made some difference tonally?

    I know it's not a big amount, but you know even my old Teisco that i got for a few pennies was slightly used in one or two in my whole discography and recordings when needed, so if the Eko is similar I won't give 120 for it. Own so many basses already and don't want to get it just hanging on the wall. Neither reselling plans here. So if it could be usable at least i would go.

    Read bad things from a member here though 🙄

  8. Hello everyone, had found locally a lovely Squier VM Precision 2012 Olympic White for 150€ in pretty decent condition. 😁 

    As seller was far away from my place, i had a friend picked it up for me and keeps it in his home till he visits me in a few weeks. I think a vintage or red tort pickguard would be perfect on its wonderful olympic white.

    So i want to order via china ebay a tort replacement till my friend comes, but read that VM could be pain in the donkey year / models accordingly finding an exact dimensions pickguard replacement.


    I was wondering if there is anyone here owning a SQ 2010-2012 VM P and have ordered from ebay any pickguard that fits perfectly his body without any drilling.

    Any specific chinese sellers recommendations would be greatly appreciated guys.


    For example, i was looking to those:










  9. Bad news. Seller had sold it 4 months ago for 80€ and forgot/ didn't know how to delete the ad. 😌 Turned to be an elder kind man, ex drummer in 70s and the bass belonged to his friend bassist in the band back then that now passed away. 😕 

    Told me if i had contacted him back then and known my home is next to him he could give it for free as a gift to me cause he got my love for old instruments and so. 

    Lesson learned no worries planet is full of old basses like that out there, i keep my eyes open.


    It was also a good chance to meet you here guys, will be around for sure


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  10. I see 😁 

    Hope the seller agrees for 50€ in the end. Have to sketch a whole story to convince him when visit his garage 😎 

    Will be back when i have news, if all goes well, seems like a long restoration project loading...


    Cheers 👊

  11. Wow wow amazing report here Mr. @Bassassin those are great news.

    To the folks above, not a metal head here. I am a sample based producer and multi instrumentalist, kind could be anything from a wide range based on 60s-80s samples from rockabilly and psych rock to jazz funk soul, blend alongside with live old strings brass and organs, so this beauty could find its unique place through the others sitting in my lab. 

    I am into old stuff since childhood, from record collecting to finding old stuff and gear, diying, valves, restoration and all that kind of stuff. Everything...till 90's 🤣


    Cheers to all, it's a nice place here 🤸

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