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  1. Bad news. Seller had sold it 4 months ago for 80€ and forgot/ didn't know how to delete the ad. 😌 Turned to be an elder kind man, ex drummer in 70s and the bass belonged to his friend bassist in the band back then that now passed away. 😕 

    Told me if i had contacted him back then and known my home is next to him he could give it for free as a gift to me cause he got my love for old instruments and so. 

    Lesson learned no worries planet is full of old basses like that out there, i keep my eyes open.


    It was also a good chance to meet you here guys, will be around for sure


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  2. I see 😁 

    Hope the seller agrees for 50€ in the end. Have to sketch a whole story to convince him when visit his garage 😎 

    Will be back when i have news, if all goes well, seems like a long restoration project loading...


    Cheers 👊

  3. Wow wow amazing report here Mr. @Bassassin those are great news.

    To the folks above, not a metal head here. I am a sample based producer and multi instrumentalist, kind could be anything from a wide range based on 60s-80s samples from rockabilly and psych rock to jazz funk soul, blend alongside with live old strings brass and organs, so this beauty could find its unique place through the others sitting in my lab. 

    I am into old stuff since childhood, from record collecting to finding old stuff and gear, diying, valves, restoration and all that kind of stuff. Everything...till 90's 🤣


    Cheers to all, it's a nice place here 🤸

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  4. Thank you @Bassassin. I am afraid i will never learn what this thing is 😂

    I guess i have to grab it to see what's going on. Will see and get back when so for sure.

    I found another one with an extra fret (key word was "long scale" which Bassassin said and gave me the idea to search). It is called Leyanda by Hohner, Maysumoku Japan. Don't think it is the same as "mine" though they have many things in common.

    (Look at those pup's, narrow empty neckplate, tuners, number of frets etc. Even thumb rest could be there i think i can see the two holes) Also look at how cheap thin printed this "Leyanda" logo is, easily worn out, clue that could explain the empty unbranded headstock in "mine's" 🙄





    Cheers 😎



  5. Hello everyone, first post here.

    To be honest i have already posted this on another bass forum and from replies i got, found similar posts (not the same bass) and great things here.





    Local find years ago. Funny story. Seller was asking 250 back then lol, he was then dropping about 20 bucks every 3 months or so, "for ever unsold" case.        I was following silently, seller lives 1 mile away my house. Price is about 100 bucks now, think of asking 50. 

    - Seems like a Japanese copy late 70s.   

    - Round jazz pickups (J knock off?)

    - Looks like it once had both chrome covers.                                                           

    - Note number of frets ...               

    Searching months the internet but cannot find any identical. Many similar but not the same with this one.


    Maybe @Bassassin or other xperts here could help.

    Any info would greatly be appreciated.







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