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  1. Really glad, once again, i found another one that seems identical to mine at this site https://best-vintage-guitars.de/morris_moridaira_precision_bass.html Apart from colour and knobs all the other specs are the same. Look at the pickup screws (that i was wondering if it were replaced..), they are the same as mine! My bass also weights exactly 4.1kgs and in this site it is mentioned as 4.09kgs! @Bassassin is true again indeed, Moridaira. It could also be from late 70s who knows, anyway i felt pretty comfortable when i saw those pups being identical. 😁
  2. Just a last question that could help a bit. @Bassassin: Do you remember what was the pups ohm reading in your 1984 bass? Or what are the average resistance for those Moridaira's, are they in the 8-10K or 10-12K plus range? I got 8.5Kohm and 8.6Kohm in mine. I get a sweeeet tone out of this beauty. Was jamming about 4 hours non stop yesterday night. No left hand pain at all, yeah! Thanks everyone for helping in this long thread so far. One love.
  3. @Bassassin Yes, i miswrote it. By saying "comes from UK" i was meaning "the sellers on Reverb ads selling those No. 81XXXX come mostly from UK", not the instruments 😁 Thanks for Moridaira indication, didn't know about those. After some easy soldering back broken wire connection and replacing old rusty "Japan" out jack (i did my best to fix it but was totally oxidized and jack's sleeve didn't make contact at all) with a new Switchcraft one this beauty came to life again revealing its magical world! My only wondering, is if those pickups are Japan originals...
  4. Me too, that's why i care mostly about it. I found another on on Reverb, again from UK. https://reverb.com/item/20924101-1981-made-in-japan-precision-p-bass-purple-lawsuit-greco-ibanez-hondo-vester Any NoName MIJ with this same label serial number "No. 81XXXX" i have found, comes from UK. I believe there is a good chance someone here knows someone else that owns one. I would be really glad to see if those pups are original.
  5. Good news guys, the second (uknown MIJ cream one) bass just arrived. Looks and feels nice. Just some things that make me worry a bit. I had little output with huge buzz, so i opened up the thing to see what's going on under pickguard. Wire from vol to tone pot was broken and actual wire was missing. Only wire endings on the two solder spots was there, like the wire was cut. That's a pretty easy fix for me indeed, but all those made me wonder if anyone was there before me and messed things up. (Usually, in a broken wire situation, you just find the cut wire there, next to the solder spot...). Then i realised that comparing to the other same model bass i had found online in my previous posts, the pickup screws in mine were more flat-head - modern type and not the old oval-head style ones. The base seems like old brass one-piece vintage style. No markings, writings anywhere. Also look at the pickup wires, one wire that comes from pickup windings inside has the lettering "CSA TR-64" which i guess is a modern type hook up wire, I don't think it comes from 1981. So, maybe pups have been replaced from previous owner and he messed things up with pots? And they left the brass base untouched? Pots are "Noble" branded. Wish i could find someone with same model to compare ohms measurements.
  6. @Bassassin Did MIJ or MIK basses used string thru bridges back then?
  7. I'm in the same road with you but then there will be even less free space in the house for my son to put his LEGO's. But more instruments for him to play when he grows up, so I'll do it! 😋
  8. Waiting for Mr. @Bassassin infos. If he doesn't know, we won't find it. 😂
  9. Wish i could. Seller is far away from my area and will ship it. Asks another 20-30 for packaging and shipping so will cost me about 50€. I'm skeptical because the value of the bass alone is less than shipping 🤣 , the fact that i dont like fretless so much and that i see something wrong about bridge / string / neck position there. Those bridge string holes from the back don't look to be in-line.
  10. Yes sure. Apart from that, do you recognize any signs for identification?
  11. New pics from seller. Any guess? Old one or could be something new/handmade/stripped?
  12. Haha, seriously heh, have you ever seen an instrument like that?
  13. Seems like a fretless one i guess.
  14. Hello everyone, i know, in my case collecting old mysterious cheap stuff turned to addiction. But for 20€ i couldn't say no. 😂 This is the only pic i got. Any thoughts Mr. @Bassassin and other guys? EDIT: More pics updated.
  15. The whole beast in its full glory. 😍 😍
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