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  1. I'll buy out of curiosity. PM to follow.
  2. I'll take it. PM to be sent.
  3. As new, opened, barely used, all cables/packaging included. Price includes UK postage. Collection welcome. Might consider trade for Cog Effects T70. Source Audio C4 - £190 Source Audio Ultra Wave Bass - £195 Source Audio Neuro Hub - £85 Soleman Midi Controller - £170
  4. What if a comment is polite, utterly undismissive or just downright right because you have bothered to read the description under the video! I really think of it as censoring though. Not 'removing disinformation'....
  5. I recently tried to find notation or tab for the bassline of Slide Eazy by Bootsy Collins. I only got two hits from Google on YouTube. One is by a guy who seemed to have it nailed down, the other is from very talented young woman representing a major musical retailer and distributor, but from her demo has both the wrong positioning and notation. For the record, both vids have the name wrong! (It’s “SLIDE EAZY” (not Easy Slide or Slide Easy!!!) I left a comment for the latter, which was constructive, polite, respectful and appreciative. It was removed straightaway. However, given my observation was solely about bass playing alone, I was saddened to see comments allowed to be left included; ‘the expression on the bass player's face’, or, the fact she’s wearing silver spangled leggings etc., etc! Has anyone else found themselves censored online?
  6. "Made in America". Presumably under the Dump administration.
  7. Late to the party, but I'm sure I can see a crack in it!
  8. Hi Simon, Is this pedal still for sale? Thanks, Warren
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. If for sale, you have an agreed deal right here and now.
  11. What's so amusing? I'm curious? WPW

    1. SpondonBassed


      Comedy usually is...

      That and the Basschat Den of Iniquity*.

      *Link withheld.  Not everyone is able to keep up, including the OP.

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