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  1. How much is all of the extra shipping costs amount to roughly then?
  2. Does it matter where they are made?
  3. Hey I was thinking about getting a fender jazz bass but saw a really nice looking Bacchus jazz bass, I'm not too familiar with them. Any thoughts, comparisons???
  4. Hey thanks so much for the help everyone!!!:)
  5. I guess I should've specified that I have an 800 watt subway d800 amp head that can do either 4 or 2 ohms so adding the other cab isnt a problem there but not sure if it'll be able to handle the other 1200 watts???
  6. Hey so I've got an 800 watt cab with 2 15s in it that's 4ohms. I'm thinking about getting a 1200 watt cab that 4 10s to pair with. What size amp head do you think I should need??? This sounds like a really bad math problem lol.
  7. Sk1

    New bass

    Looking to get a new bass and have narrowed it down to two, appreciate any opinions. Trying to decide between fender american ultra jazz bass or g & l semi hollow asap. Any thoughts?? Play mostly reggae, some rock and such.
  8. Sk1

    New bass

    I've got a fender precision now
  9. Sk1

    New bass

    Probably between 1,ooo and 2,000
  10. Sk1

    New bass

    I'm in the market for a new 4 string bass, play mainly reggae. Any recommendations on make/model?
  11. Sk1


    Thanks. I think that you both talked me in to the 2×15. Many thanks!!:)
  12. Sk1


    Ok so I just bought new head. Got the mesa boogie w800 hybrid. About to get matching cab. Opinions: eventually want both but should I start with the 4×10 1200 watt or the 2×15 800 watt. Play a lot of reggae but also play some rock and ska??? Thx
  13. Sk1


    Over here pricing some cabs and seems like with ones using neodymium magnets are twice as much as others. I know ampeg had some cabs for like 600 but same size neodymium were like 1200. Is there really that much diff. In the sound???
  14. Hey this might sound stupid to most but I was just reading some reviews and someone had said that you can connect as many as 4 8ohm cabs to one fender rumble amp head. Is this true? Also does that work for most. I was considering 2 cabs one with 4 10s and one with 2 15 but nice to know I can always add more if needed. Also would this be the same with other amp heads? How about Mark bass vintage? Thx for any inputs!!:)
  15. Sk1

    Reggae bass

    Hey Im trying to but some new equipment and with everything shutdown its hard to really test everything out ahead of time. Looking to buy new head and cabinet probably head between 500-800 watt range and cab between 800-1000. Mainly play reggae also some rock and ska. Would really appreciate any reccomendations, as Im having a really hard time choosing.
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