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  1. Hi. Can you tell me the weight and the "action" (i m not sure of the word in english). Thanks.
  2. Hi. I'm new here. I'm from Corsica. So sorry for my English. I usually use the French forum onlybass and sometimes Talkbass, so i think i have to be here too !! I m occupational therapist specialised for cogntive rehabilitation with kids. I m bass player in a traditional band here in Corsica named L'Attrachju. A video here where i did bass and mix (i have a little home studio) : https://youtu.be/dt-8Qakt1Hg i have 3 bass : one Odyssee fretless and 2 Sadowsky and a Aguilar Stack ! I ll be happy to speak with you if you can understand me because of my English 😂
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