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  1. I see these are £399 new on Andertons. I don't have the cash either way, but you may want to drop the price a little bit
  2. I agree! I think if you're fussy about overdrive (like it sounds as though we are) then the best we'll find is Darkglass.
  3. ------------------------------------------------------- preample... ignore if you don't care for my story and just want my thoughts on the EBS MicroBass 3 ------------------------------------------------------- Recently I went on the hunt for a good preamp. As a bass player who really doesn't use effects that often, except to mess around with, experiment, and get inspired by (but not in a band context), I feel as though a good, functional preamp is about as close as I'm going to get to effect-bliss. I bought the TC Electronic SpectraDrive just over a year ago to do some recording with my band. I really loved it, and I found that the SpectraComp is really value for money (I owned the it even before buying the SpectraDrive). However, I won a competition for which the prize money was 400 quid and I was curious to see what a better preamp sounds like. I wanted something with more features, so I ended up on the GK Plex. I bought it as an amazon warehouse deal "like new" and got it for a good price. Alas, I was so torn about how I liked/disliked the GK Plex: The tone shaping was brilliiant. I really loved the sound and I can get behind the GK sound. However, this thing is noisy in more ways than one! First, if you turn up the compressor to anything useful it hisses like mad (it sounds like it's boosting the higher frequencies far too much). Second, as soon as you have another pedal before the GK Plex it gave off a terrible electronic buzz. Apparently this was supposed to be fixed with a firmware update, which I did, of course, but to no avail. Luckily you could fix this by putting your additional effects in the effects loop instead. Unfortunately, the gain in the effects loop of these sort of preamp pedals (GK Plex and the EBS MicroBass 3 included) seems to be a little to hot for some analogue pedals (like my Fender Pour Over Env Filter) so these pedals functioned sub-optimally. The tuner was.... really not so good. The tracking was terrible! The compressor was kinda bad too. It was noisy, as I mentioned above, but also a little too dramatic for my liking. The GK Plex is really a beautiful piece of kit and it's EQ + tone shaping abilities are wonderful, I'll say that. BUT! Given that you're not only buying this for tone shaping, and rather also for a compressor and a tuner and more of an all-in-one thing, then you are really not going to get what you bargained for. Moving on. I sent this back to Amazon and spent ages deliberating on what I should get next. I whittled it down to: EBS MicroBass 3 Orange Bass Butler Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra V2 I obviously ended up with the first, but part of me is still super curious about how my bass (a Warwick thumb 4 BO) and fingers interact with the other two. From a pure spec perspective, the only thing the EBS lacks is impulse response, but that's not too much of a biggie for me right now. Moving on properly now... ------------------------------------------------------- I love this thing! It is super super quiet (no hiss, no buzz, probably because it is analogue, I imagine) and very functional. Here are some of my thoughts after using it for about 4 weeks: The Compressor is actually pretty damn amazing. I take the perspective that you can do A LOT with compression, but when in the context of evening out your playing, giving you more sustain, and helping you punch through the mix, something easy-to-use and subtle will win my heart on a pedal. I know my way around compressors as I've done studio work, recorded and mixed my band's music, and have spent far too many hours learning the ins and outs of various compression algorithms, techniques, and audio quality. That said, something that does the job well and consistently is a boon. The 'COMP' knob on the EBS is super subtle, and only really jumps out at you when you drive it to full! Even then, it isn't dramatic or overbearing/squishy. That in itself might turn you off this compressor, but I think they've done a stellar job of it. The EQ is very versatile. Having the sweepable mid range is smart and I've found it useful. It also has a 'char' switch for scooped mids and a 'bright' switch. I've read that the scooped mids switch is a bit much for some, but I always like scooping mids when I'm noodling by myself and this does a fine job of giving me that sound I like. One thing I dislike is that the frequency boost on the bass knob feels a little off what appeals to my ear, but that's a small thing. The Drive section is very versatile. I have yet to find a bass overdrive that I like to hear in headphones (which is what I use a lot, given that lockdown has me playing with my wife working nearby!), so I'm looking forward to applying this in a band context. One problem, however, is trying to establish the right balance with the 'blend' knob (which controls clean channel and drive channel blend when the drive is engaged), the 'level' knob (which controls the drive volume) and the 'serial on/off' switch (which controls pre/post EQ into from the clean channel into the drive section). I have found that hitting the drive switch typically gives an overall volume drop when blended with the clean channel, and that the level needs to be pushed on the drive section, throwing the mix out of whack. It is a fine control, but a tad bit annoying to find the sweet spot! I should note that it has a 'gain' knob as well as high and low gain types, and 'thin' versus 'deep' drive types with a 'tone' knob. It really is super customisable. I'm not a massive bass drive fan, but this should serve me if I become one! The tuner just works, quite well. It looks.... Okay. It isn't the best looking (nowhere near the GK Plex or anything Darkglass) but that's fine. The effects loop is super useful, but you should bear in mind that it is post, not pre. So, for anything pre you should just put it earlier in the chain. EBS claims that this thing has a lot of headroom on their website and that's why it needs such a powerful supply. Note that I have yet to find a pedalboard power supply that can meet its needs. Thankfully, however, a standalone power supply is provided. That said, there really does seem to be a feel of space and headroom with this thing. I can't quite explain why, but it just sounds as if it isn't being pushed to its limits, and is rather comfortable giving you what you need. This is very difficult to explain but it's like driving a powerful car at a moderate speed on the motorway as opposed to driving my shitty 1300 Hyundai getz! That's all I can think of for now. I hope somebody finds these thoughts useful!
  4. I have one for sale at the moment if you're still looking! It is buried in the effects for sale page. I also love the sound but I want to try other things too. I guess it's just lockdown boredom really.
  5. As new (less than a year old), never gigged with, original packaging and power supply (EU since that's what guitar guitar sold it with) . Built in SpectraComp and Drive circuitry. All the good stuff like DI (pre and post), 4 band EQ, etc. I bought this to so some home recording thanks to its DI, but really love the sound and always have enjoyed the SpectraComp. I'm only selling because I came into some prize money recently and I want to try out some other stuff. I'd prefer to keep it, but I can't justify owning two good preamps! (hopefully I shan't regret this) Price includes tracked royal mail shipping, why not...
  6. Hi everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax36v4a9-FY Here's the first song my fairly young band has recorded. We're all students (older years) at the University of Edinburgh and have been jamming for almost one year now. We have been building up our set list of our own original songs, and have decided to do some demo recording using our own kit and skills. Thus, the recording, mixing, and mastering isn't amazing, but I believe its pretty great for a first attempt! I (the bassists.. obviously) wrote the riffs and skeleton of this song. Let me know what you think!
  7. Hi all! I'm selling my tc electronic SpectraComp. I've only had it for under a month and I really love it. For anyone who wants a no hassle means of cutting through the mix or adding some dynamic control/accentuation to their playing, this really is a good tool. The minute I plugged in and heard what the difference was i was hooked. It's seriously a clever pedal, and tc is doing some very interesting work at the mo. I'm only selling it because I bought a SpectraDrive to do recording with my band and it has the comp built in! So, this really is a good-as-new resell for £20 less than you'll find it elsewhere. Barely used, boxed, never been gigged, good to go.
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