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  1. They're my next try. Anyway, I'm enjoying the journey of discovery and it's only pennies!
  2. Well, I've just got hold of the Dava picks. Nice rubbery grip and a hard pointy tip. But I can't live with the scratchy noise they make on the strings. They do work quite well on my acoustic guitar though, with a crisp-but-dark sound! Lord Yellow's search for a new bass pick. Continues.
  3. Definitely a way to save getting buckle rash on the back of your instrument. But could end up getting a more awkward rash elsewhere...
  4. Yeh, Whispering Bob is so eclectic, he presents country AND western...
  5. I think Burgi was with them 77-79. Unorthodox Behaviour was 1975 and of course had a young man by the name of Phil Collins on drums. Percy Jones' bass on that album tho...!
  6. It's an anagram of 'the noo', so I'm imagining some kind of Scotch influence...
  7. Good grief, I paid about £250 for mine 3 years ago. Happy to answer operational questions anyhow!
  8. I'd recommend Luke Stanley, http://www.mobileguitarworkshop.co.uk/ 07846 989415 Croydon based and also mobile around South London for setups in your home/studio. He has fitted new pickups and electronics in my bass, which included some routing, filling and finishing. He also carved and fitted a new bone nut on my acoustic guitar. All round good chap.
  9. +1 The leads that have lasted me longest are those I have soldered myself. Genuine Neutrik plugs are my choice. I also like Klotz pre-made leads with rubberized plugs. Good quality basic spec is better than OFC, gold-plated, directional, and all those marketing hype terms. Avoid eBay or Amazon deals. I bought some rugged looking 'guitar' cables, but when I spliced them to fit new plugs I found they were not even shielded cable, just twin-core.
  10. I recently bought a combo from Andertons website. It clearly said not in stock, expected in 7 days. On purchase I got an email saying actually 7 days is until it arrives with the supplier. But just 2 days later it was on my doorstep direct from Andertons warehouse. What can you do?
  11. Thanks for that, Oops. I'll put Dava on my checklist. I like the look of their Rock Control ones, too, with delrin tips.
  12. Look, I really don't need to hear about everyone's favourite bass pick, but I do want to know what I might need to experiment with. When I first picked a pick for bass use, it was the Dunlop big purple triangle. But moving to a different genre, I tried a number of other types. What I found was that I really got on with the Big Stubby shape, with the indented thumb grip. I imagined the thicker ones would be right but the best feel and flex for me was the 1mm hard red Big Stubby. Now, I'm finding these are prone to split in half after a week or so of use. In recognition of this weakness, it seems Dunlop have re-engineered the Big Stubbies in grey nylon. Same positive feel, but lacking the crisp click of the boiled sweetie material. So, is there a plectrum out there that has the sort of contoured thumbgrip of the Stubby (not just a bit of texture on a flat surface), flexes a little in use, is in a bright sounding material, and won't snap on me?
  13. Years ago I bought a couple of specialist over-voltage PP3 type rechargeables, along with the special charging station they needed. This was just to use in an A/B switching pedal. Unfortunately, in that application they were entirely inappropriate and drained down in less than an hour. ☹️
  14. I cut the mids a little with the frequency set about 8 o'clock. Also eased off the lows and increased the highs similarly.
  15. I use stringsdirect.co.uk. Very reliable, good prices, fair amount of choice. And they usually pop through the letterbox the following day. For some of the American strings, look out for the Amazon Global service where it is possible to pickup multibuys and other US only offers at silly prices, but on the UK website.
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