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  1. OK. Given that this is hard to value praps I've aimed a little high. Price drop. £1100.
  2. Mint condition Custom 5 string Aria ProII SB1500v5. 34" scale. Pretty sure it was the only one ever made but happy to be put straight- certificate of authenticity states made in Japan. Selling because I don't play 5s. Open to trades. Not sure what I want in its place but definitely a 4 of equivalent quality. Something like a precision american deluxe maybe? This is an amazing instrument. Just not being played. I'm not 100% sure about packing for shipping but happy to take buyers instruction to do so if needs be 20210216_111138.mp4 20210216_111138.mp4
  3. Folks thanks so much. Really, everyone. This has made great reading so far. I hadn't really considered the 'practising for what?' point. But it's a fair point - and I did enjoy playing in my last band a billion years ago. I guess since I'm not in a circle where these opportunities just appear that I'd convinced myself not to bother, but I am going to bother. I might even get Facebook just to look at local groups! Thanks again everyone. Anyone near Bradford?
  4. Just after some thoughts please guys. I've found my mojo again after several years of not playing very much at all. I used to play in an originals band but then moved away about 15 years ago and haven't played in a band since. I'm enjoying playing solo these days, working my way through the grade books and I'm not sure if I want to get back in a band. I'm 42 and don't know if I'm too old to join a band. Do I just continue as I am, finding a couple of hours every so often to practice alone or do I want to commit to a weekly(?) practice to play with others? If so how do I find a band? Thanks for any thoughts......
  5. I don't think unicorns sweat. I think it's actually unicorn p*ss.
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