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  1. I sold Kalv my XKB10. I've got an XL8 now
  2. Very rare in the UK. These, Kramer and Travis Bean are getting really pricy, especially with shipping and import taxes going through the roof
  3. Yes, I'm trying to fund a Travis Bean
  4. Have you seen how much Travis Beans are? I saw one in my local music shop for under £500 years ago, and I let the sales guy talk me out of buying it because it was pink. Still kicking myself. I've got a Vaccaro 5 string for sale if you're interested
  5. Love Ali necks. I've owned a number of Kramers and have a Vaccaro 5 string. It's a question of (lack of) taste
  6. Any love for Vaccaro basses on here. I've got a Korean made V2 Xray 5 string, and really impressed by it. I've been playing Kramers with Ali necks for years (I know, its a sickness), but this Vaccaro is much lighter and better balanced than any of the Kramers I've had. Also its a full scale neck and the sustain is awesome.
  7. I picked up this unusual Stellah bass a few weeks ago. I have had it re-strung and set up, and it is surprisingly great to play and sounds great. I can't find any information on this model, and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it. I have no idea how old it is, but it looks kinda 80's. Any info would be much appreciated. I did see that someone had one for sale for $500, claiming they were $1200 new, which I find difficult to believe.
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