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  1. Lockdown symptoms: really weird haircut, and swapping out my EB Cobalt flats for a set of D'Addario steel rounds. Sound like stilettos through plate glass. This'll keep me amused for another day.

    1. ezbass


      Wow, that's a big change! I'm wondering about replacing my Cobalts with LaBella nylon wrapped flats on my Maruszczyk fretless (I already have them on my Rob Allen) but £40+ is a lot to spend on a lockdown induced whimsy. 

    2. Soledad


      @ezbass - Agree about the 40 quid, the D'Addarios were about 22 so not too crazy. I do have LaBella white nylon flats on my Mayones fretless, they are radically different to the EB Cobalts (on my Jazz fretless) but they do have a really excellent voice of their own.

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