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  1. After recently moving in with the girlfriend, it's time to say goodbye to my trustworthy Ashdown MAG 300 4x10 combo amp. I think this will be a great purchase for someone who needs an amp for full band practises / gigs but doesn't want to splash out. I've had this for around 10 years, so is hardly new, but I've never gigged it that much (<20 times) and mainly used it as a practise amp so it's never really been pushed. Still works perfectly fine, apart from the bulb in vu meter gone and the "input" dial has been chipped, but still holds into place OK. It also has some scuffs etc. Due to weight (around 35kg I believe) and fact I don't have a car, I'm looking for collection only I'm afraid. I'm based in Earslfield (SW18) in South West London. I also have a power lead that I'll chuck in. Thanks
  2. I would prefer pick up, but could look into courier at buyer's expense. I'll do some research. Any advice from fellow bc'ers greatly appreciated.
  3. Sunday bump This needs to go so I will entertain any (reasonable!) offers
  4. As I am soon to be in moving with with my girlfriend, it's time for a little clear out. I have a ABS style pedal board case (unbranded) that I'm offering out for anyone who wants it. It has warped / is dented at the front, but it is still shuts and clips into place OK. It also does have a bit of rust on the corners, as well as marks, scratches etc. I don't have measurements, but would say it is similar size to this: https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Kinsman-ABS-Pedal-Board-Case-5-Pedals/VE8 Am based in Surbiton (Surrey) and ideally looking for collection - I can look into posting at buyer's expense.
  5. As I am soon to be in moving with with my girlfriend, it's time for a little clear out. Therefore it's time to say goodbye to my trusty Ashdown Mag 115 Deep cab (8 ohms @ 250W). I bought it from a fellow basschatter a few years back (sorry, can't remember name but he did live in Sheffield!), but I've barely used it as always used my Mag 300 4x10 combo on it's own for practises, and only played a handful of gigs with it. There are a couple of scuffs on it (tried to illustrate on photos), but cab still sounds great. Looking for £50 but open to offers - am based in Surbiton (Surrey) and ideally looking for collection only I'm afraid. Will also chuck in a speaker cable (one end slightly bent, but works fine)
  6. Bought a Digitech Bass Squeeze from Chris and I don't think he could have done anymore to get the pedal to myself as quickly and hassle-free as possible. Long story short, I enquired late Monday night, pedal received Wednesday morning! Can only mirror what has already been said - thanks again!
  7. It's adverts like this that make me want to throw away my accountancy studying and career, and run away to be a professional bass player on a ship!
  8. Only got into these recently and have never saw them live - funny thing is they are playing Nottingham this Friday - don't suppose anyone wants to give me a standing ticket for free? (well, I can hope!) My favourite song is Du Riechst So Gut - first song I can play on the drums too.
  9. Long due bump - decided I love bass again after watching a blues band last week.
  10. Being the slightly obsessive Muse fan that I am, I actually prefer Hullabaloo over the rest of the standard studio albums if you want a complete album experience. 1CD of live performance and 1 CD of some great B sides - if you're a metal head you might appreciate "Yes Please", which is just a brilliant song in my humble opinion
  11. I have one of these (in that colour too!), and I absolutely love it - I think because they don't have the same status or look of a Stingray, they are massively underrated bass guitars. I can also vouch for the tone in the video - it has a really nice natural "growl" for rock, but also a very versatile instrument. In other words, someone buy it!
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