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  1. A new cover is online! And for the first time, it’s a duet! I love this song and it was amazing to write and record the arrangement with Anthony, great American bass player.
  2. Thank’s Bazzbass! Here’s a new one!
  3. I just add free tabs for the solo bass arrangement of You’re gonna go far, kid. as usual, the link is in the description of the video. Have fun with it!
  4. A new solo bass arrangement is online!
  5. Genseric

    Baryton Sax

    Thanks to you 2! i wasn’t thinking about ADSR and thank’s for talk to me to about that. I’m gonna work on this! I don’t search for a real sax, so no midi. Just want to approach as close as possible without loss the identity of a bass. I play a Musicman Stingray Classic, I will try with the foam on. I was never think about. The honked staccato is my favorite way to play sax too. What do you think about a fuzz and/or an Octaver?
  6. Genseric

    Baryton Sax

    Hi! I have a crazy question! I am not an expert on effects pedals and I need your help! I would like to get as close as possible to the sound of Leo P. with my bass, and yes, it's a baritone sax player! what effects or combinations of effects do you advise me to get closer to it? Thank you very much for what you can do for me! Genséric.
  7. A new cover! https://youtu.be/_xkmAKiv-pA
  8. I add free tabs for Blowin in the wind and Evil Morty. link in the description of each video. Have fun!
  9. Free tab for Swallowtail jig, an Irish trad. I posted few months ago!
  10. I just made a new bass cover! this is Car Alarm by Too Many Zooz! I play the sax part! hope you like it!
  11. I made transcriptions for some videos! actually, 4 are available: This is Halloween, Blowin in the wind, Evil Morty and Swallowtail jig. go in the description of the video!
  12. Hi ! I don’t come very often here but it’s always a pleasure to come to read! since few months, I made videos on youtube, and I really appreciate feedbacks! it’s here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBjzN86_3_TlgLckfOqkPTg Best regards,
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