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  1. A solo arrangement of a popular TikTok song!
  2. My new solo bass cover! As usual, with free tabs!
  3. If you like manga or anime! https://youtu.be/YorCZD0mNs0
  4. The new one! Rather simple, just play with love!
  5. It’s St Patrick’s day!
  6. Here’s a new solo bass arrangement! as usual, the tabs are in the description of the video!
  7. Hi everybody! some questions for you for help me! do you use the tabs? 😀
  8. The Family Guy main theme!
  9. Do you ship to France? And do you know the price?
  10. My new solo bass arrangement of the Pachelbel’s canon! Oups... it’s Memories by Maroon 5! https://youtu.be/eD7dpGcijqU
  11. A new solo arrangement is online on YouTube! I really appreciate the original song! Hope you like it!
  12. A new video is online! it’s very fun to play, you should try!
  13. My latest video, with free tabs! I think you know the song and I hope you like! feedbacks are welcome!
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