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  1. Gone

    Recycled elsewhere
  2. FT/FS Ibanez BTB 700OL (1999) *Price Drop*

    Still available. I thought this was a fair price but haven't had the interest I was expecting. If anybody thinks I'm off on my pricing let me know
  3. Gone

    Due to not having space for more than 1 amp in my life, i'm giving away this (questionable) amp. It came with my first bass about 12 years ago and is pretty bad... but works! It will crackle when you turn a nob. It will hum for no reason at all. It is missing the bolt for the input jack. but... it does work. Really only suitable as somebody's first amp (or a project?). Collection from Cambridge. Can post pics if requested.
  4. FT/FS Ibanez BTB 700OL (1999) *Price Drop*

    Price drop to £350 - GAS is flaring up but trying hard to not give in until this has sold!
  5. Is the whole setup guitar still an option?
  6. Difficult to tell from the photos, is this fretless?
  7. FT/FS Ibanez BTB 700OL (1999) *Price Drop*

    Bump with a price drop to £400...
  8. practice combo amp

    Looking for a practice combo amp. Doesn't need to be particularly loud. Looking for something similar to a Hartke Hd50 or ampeg ba110 etc. Anything you have let me know - looking to spend under £150.
  9. Price drop: £350 Looking to trade for a Jazz bass (cash in either direction) - ideally a CV/VM Squier or MIM Fender but will am interested in any reasonable offer! Would much prefer a trade but also accepting a straight sale. The bass is from 1999, made in Japan. In excellent condition, no dings whatsoever, just a little bit of buckle rash on the back and a couple of scratches on one pickup under the E string. - 23 frets on E/A strings, 24 on D/G. - 35" scale - Rosewood fretboard - Ash / Ovankol body - 18V electronics. Original catalog listing here...[url="http://www.drumall.com/shop/file/101/1482540388_376_320.jpg"]http://www.drumall.c...388_376_320.jpg[/url] As with many Ibanez basses of this era it has its own custom hard case which is also included in this sale. The case itself isn't in great condition looks-wise but functionally is sound. Sorry for poor quality pictures (taken on my potato) I'll try to get some better ones soon. If you want any more photos / information let me know. Anybody's welcome to come and have a play - I'm based in Cambridge. EDIT: One day I'll get formatting correct on my first attempt... not today.
  10. PM'd about the Classic Vibe Jazz
  11. Teacher wanted in Cambridge

    [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1509225427' post='3397472'] Nick Smith (Doctor of the Bass) is in Peterborough which isn't too far and he will come to you if required. [/quote] He'd be willing to come all the way to Cambridge from Peterborough . I've just found his website, I'll give him an email - thanks for the heads up! (Also just seen his ridiculous bass collection!!)
  12. Teacher wanted in Cambridge

    [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1509226248' post='3397477'] If you don't have any joy here, you could ask in Miller's in the town. [/quote] Ah are you local to Cambridge then? Haven't lived here long and was wondering if there's a "best" music shop in the town, the two big ones seemed to be Miller's and PMT - couldn't work out if either of them were big chains or not though.