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  1. Recently purchased on here from Andy, I went for this as I have a squire silver series P that is brilliant. 

    This one doesn't quite measure up to my existing, (although to be fair that was twice the price) so best to move it on. 

    New set of D'addario nickel wound strings added, otherwise as I received it, please see original add for better pics and description. Plenty of Mojo going on with the body, pics also showing large 'touched up' dent beneath jack socket and small cracks around neck pocket. Neck and fret board themselves are clean. Badass II bridge, EMG 18v Pups. Comes with semi hard case, collection or meet possible otherwise price is + shipping.






  2. For sale or trade is my 1970's Musema laminated double bass that I purchased from Timothy Batchelar stringed Instruments in Leicester. The original add is still on Tim's website which can be found here: http://www.batchelar.com/index.html I've attached a pic of it too (Basil !).

    I always wanted to try double bass and this was my treat to myself. It sounds lovely even with my poor pizzicato but I do not use it enough and have decided to focus on my electric so it's time to move it on. Trades for 4 string fretted basses will be considered with cash either way an option.

    I've taken pics to show the repair on the neck and a little patch, excuse my ignorance but if there are other areas I should have taken shots of please let me know. With regard to the neck damage I have had the bass 2 years and it has been no trouble at all, Tim advised he has known the bass along time and he was confident in the repair. It comes complete with stand, bow, rosin, one nasty case and one less nasty case for padding but with a broken zip. Happy for anyone with a serious interest to come and try it. I can deliver it safely within an hour of PE8 or further afield for the cost of diesel.


















  3. Moving on these fine pedals. Most have seen very little use, Prunes and groove regulator clearly loved for longer but all function well. Original boxes unless mentioned all will be well packed. Priced plus shipping and fees.


    Origin Cali 76 £220 Sold

    3 Leaf - Octabrve II £175 SOLD

    3 Leaf Groove Regulator £115 (No box) SOLD

    Crowther Prunes & Custard £120  (No box) SOLD

    Micro Thumpinator £80  (No box) Sold

    TC HOF £40 Sold

    TC Flashback £40 Sold

    Electro-Harmonix Freeze £75 Sold



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  4. Got this fretless Squire P Bass to experiment with and see how I'd get on with fretless, It's a good instrument for this purpose. Time to let someone else have a try, priced + shipping and fees, no case but original box supplied, collection or meet up also possible.

    Purchased on here from the below thread still in the excellent condition I received it as its not left the house! Better pics in the original thread.


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  5. Time to move on some pedals and associated equipment that aren't getting used. Gigged a couple of times at most all good condition some with velcro on the base. Boxed where shown but all will be well packaged for delivery. Prices are + any fees and delivery. 

    Only item where trades considered is the Pedaltrain Novo 24 which I might be interested in Pedaltrain Metro or Classic with softcase and cash my way. 


    DHA VT1 - Pro Bass Drive - Complete with power supply, built Feb 2018 - £Sold

    Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS 12 - Brand new in box, this was a replacement received after a diode blew in the original one supplied. It's never been used as I made alternative arrangements before the replacement was received. Comes complete with all leads etc.. £Sold

    Electro-Harmonix - Freeze Soundretainer Complete with power supply £80

    Pedaltrain Novo 24 with Tour Case. Velcro fitted and drilled for CS12 to mount underneath. Tourcase is as new.  £Sold

    TC Electronic - Polytune 3 (this has a couple of scuffs on the case edges but even has film still on screen and works A1, see pics)  £Sold

    TC Electronic - Ditto Looper £Sold

    TC Electronic - Flashback Mini Delay £50 £40

    TC Electronic - Sub 'n' Up Mini Octave £50 £Sold

    TC Electronic - HOF mini Reverb £50 £40

    Ernie Ball 6" Instrument cable *6 £Sold






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