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  1. Hi Due to just using my small MK stuff on jazz gigs these days I have not used this amazing cab for ages as I no longer am playing loud stuff. It used to be my main rig with Eden Navigator and Peavey DPC 1400 amp and was incredible, would play anyone off stage. Just don't need the punch and power anymore. To be honest I am not totally sure on value so have set a value I am comfortable with based on some other ads on here, let me know if you want to pay more ;-) No rips or tears on carpet covering Handles in perfect condition Some signs of use, ie it is not Mint, but otherwise in outstanding condition Please note this is the original and some say best version of the T-210 cab predating the ultralight versions. I purchased and imported it new in 2002 from Beaver at Bass Central, in fact, I bought it twice as the first got stolen. I am guessing if you are looking at this then you know how great these cabs are. They are built to last and have an incredibly solid and punchy sound with outstanding clarity and depth. Low bass is as good as it gets for a 2x10 and I used it for a 5 string and the low B sings out just fine. Location is Watford Herts, just on the M25 NW London, pickup with cash preferred. I could meet you mid-way up to 25 miles away for no extra cost or I will investigate delivery at your cost but not outside the UK. Prefer price paid no trades unless you have a Status headless Kingbass Specs: 500W 4 Ohm Adjustable tweeter 2 x Speakon connectors 2 x 1/4 inch jack Weight 67 lb or 30kg Size 18.5" H x 18" D x 23.75" W (470mm H x 458mm D x 600mm W)
  2. Hi again I am from Watford NW of London just inside the M25 next to the M1. Must update my details, thanks for the welcome! Cheers Gareth
  3. Wal Mark 3 5 string in Redwood Yup it IS the best bass in the world and it is British! cheers Gareth
  4. Hi, only been on the old place a couple of weeks and a move on the cards already! Hope the reasons to move have gone away now (did not read many of the posts on the last forum). My name is Gareth, age 40, bass player since 1982. I am an 80's funk fan and now into Jazz etc but like a wide range of stuff. Done the whole London gigging scene in the 80's and 90's now play for fun and the odd (very odd) function band gig. heroes are Mark King, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten then Jaco and Jack Bruce with added Entwistle! I play a Wal 5 string - latest of a string of 3 Wals and an Aria ProII before that. Was a TE player then a high power rig with Eden Navigator/Peavey DPC1400X into Epifani T210. I now mainly use my new and fab Markbass mini CMD 121 Hope to post and add to the fun Cheers Gareth
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