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  1. [quote name='BigAlonBass' timestamp='1488701767' post='3251072'] He's in Holland, Michigan, Kev. USA! [/quote] whoops, sorry! Silly Amerikaner
  2. I'm on board with this. New strings are too bright and clangy and blah. You can clean your strings every once in a while. ...my current bass has had the same strings for at least 6 years. But that's because they're black tapewounds on my fretless. They haven't really worn out. I'll run some rubbing alcohol along them a couple times a year but beyond that...why bother?!
  3. DanElectro Fab Chorus is surprisingly amazing
  4. Hey y'all! My name is Eric (big surprise). I've been playing bass for 12 years now, primarily fretless. I rock a Dean Edge fretless 6-string(purple, strung up with black tapewounds) into a GK 200RCB with an Aguliar GS115. My primary love is effect pedals. I'm an engineer and the enclosure maker at Cusack Music and Mojo Hand FX (one-in-the-same now) and it is a dream job! As such, I AM a commercial user technically but I really just love to talk anything bass- (or effects-) related. My current pedalboard is: Mojo Hand Dewdrop (with a momentary feedback stomp) -> Cusack SubFuzz (with a momentary feedback stomp) -> smallsound/bigsound Pretty Years (with a VP-Jr modified into a CV expression pedal) -> Cusack Tap-A-Delay (also with a momentary feedback stomp) -> McSpunckle Mini Gnomeratron (custom tweaks) though as you may know, a pedalboard is never finished As a commercial user, I am serving as ambassador to my companies and absolutely love to come up with custom solutions to fit your needs, so feel free to come at me with any and all technical questions! Great to be here!
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