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  1. Great! Got the 2x12 4 Ohm cab with eminence Delta 12lf. It was less than £100 and it should be enough for now thanks for your replies!
  2. Well it is 2x2 config. That's why I prefer having 2x210 or 2x212, I can stack them vertically, take only one for small gigs etc. I have pretty low budget so I can spend it all on one 210/212, and then buy another one in few months. Will it be better option? I've got another deal for a 2x12 cab with[color=#3F4C52][font=Lato, sans-serif] eminence delta 12lf, but it's 4 ohm and 600 W. What do you think about that configuration as a standalone? I'd need it for rehearsals and gigs. The music I play is mainly rock/modern hardcore with only 1 guitar player. [/font][/color]
  3. Hello. I'm kinda new at the forum so i'd like to introduce myself - I'm a polish bassplayer, I was mainly active on polish forums, but they aren't as "crowded" as yours - that's why i'm joining in I'm currently looking for a cabinet for my ashdown abm 500 head. Where I live it's hard to try few cabs one by one and compare them, that's why I'm basing my choice only by internet opinions. First I wanted a 4x10 or 2x12 (to add another 2x12 later), now I'm convinced to buy 2x10 and also add another 2x10 later. Searching for good deals on polish market places, on ebay and your forum I've come across a good deal for an ashdown VS 412 cabinet, 600W at 4 ohm. Have you ever tried it?
  4. Hello guys. I'm searching for a cheap cab to buy and i'm seeing a lot of these ashdown mag cabs used. It seems there are 2 different versions of these cabs, the one with blue line speakers, and the one with black speakers and a white frame around the grill. Whats the difference betweem them? Which one is better?
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