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    She 's one of the Shouter of my Band Take a look at: www.ktsaysno.de
  2. just Rebop 's , but I love them...[attachment=236607:IMG_3218.JPG][attachment=236608:IMG_3225.JPG]
  3. Bogart05


    I will do my very best!
  4. Bogart05


    ...from Northern Germany ;-) I am Frank / Bogart05 from Wolfsburg, 55 yo, playing the Deeptones since 1974, using: Spector Rebop's Fender Preci w 36" Neck Schack Unique w Lightwave System Framus S 380 /1974 Ovation Acoustic and newly a Thumb Bo 5 (again from 2003 all 5 String (picks come around next Days) I 'm looking for good Conversation and of course some help in a special case. But another Time more... Excuse my bad English ;-)
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