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  1. Shake Rattle & Roll - Bill Haley & The Comets
  2. Hi Yes it is. I've somebody saying they wanted it after payday on the 8th Nov but I've had similar deals in the past not happen so it's a first come first served basis ..... Colin
  3. Sam picked up my Trace AH1200 this morning and has already been in touch to say how pleased he is with it. Great comms, was willing to put a deposit down one week and collect the next. No issues whatsoever, a really nice guy.... Cheers Sam Colin
  4. Sits nicely on my TE 8x10, also for sale on here..... Oh and on my 2 4x10 TEs also for sale on here...... Plenty of options
  5. Thankfully no mains cable with these Oldman....... just daisy chains, so light !!! Colin
  6. I've got two of these Stoff so you never know your luck... Still got your old Ninja !!
  7. Hi TG, never turned on never mind turned up.... Too many rigs and guitars and too few hands and fingers......something has to give.... as the contestants on Bullseye used to say I've had a great day but I'll let somebody else have a go.......
  8. Rickytwo

    MB1 Feedback

    Just done a deal with Martin for my Markbass Traveler and Korg Tuner. Pick up from my home in North Notts meant Martin coming over from Manchester. Arrived promptly had a quick test run and then we had a good chat about gear and basses in general and Madchester times. A really nice guy, great communications and absolutely no issues with the transaction. Top bloke. Colin
  9. Hi there. Courier is ok for me as long as you organise and insure. It is a heavy piece of kit and has a transformer unit too. I'm in North Notts
  10. Mint Condition Trace Elliot 8x10 AH1084 This has spent it's life in our studio since purchase. (No Smoking & No Pets !!) Comes with TE Cover Features 1600 watts rms, 4 ohms (2 x 8 ohms if used in stereo); eight 10" (254mm) special design celestion speakers; high frequency horn with variable attenuation;Two neutrik® combination speakon® / 1/4" (6.35mm) jack connectors (8 ohms); one neutrik® switching speakon® (for connecting mono at 4 ohms); infinite baffle type cabinet with 4 separate chambers split between left and right;Lightweight plywood construction; original classy black 'pimple' covering, metal grill;Metal handles and protective corners;Additional rear handles and castors for easier manoeuvrability; Product information Product Dimensions130.2 x 51.4 x 67.3 cmItem model number15500230 Country Produced InUSA Output Wattage1600 Additional Information ASIN: B0053GP5JW Shipping Weight: 73 Kg Date First Available: 19 Jun 2012 Meet within 30 miles of Mansfield
  11. Part of my Retirement Sale - Please see other items If you are looking at this then you probably know exactly what it is and what it is capable of. If you have any questions re, dimensions, weight etc then please give me a shout AH1200-12 amp as new with Trace Cover See pics Heavy Beasts so collect only
  12. Part of my Retirement Sale - Please see other items If you are looking at these then you probably know exactly what they are and what they are capable of, truly Trouser Flapping ....... If you have any questions re power, dimensions, weight etc then please give me a shout. Trace 4x10 with horn, red stripe series, padded Roqsolid cover, professionally re-covered for me in Trace green carpet. Provenance of being owned / used by Yolanda Charles (Paul Weller, Robbie Williams, Squeeze) Trace 4x10 no horn red stripe series, padded Roqsolid cover, professionally recovered for me in Trace Green carpet. Both cabs have only been used in my non-smoking home since being re-covered. The cabs are excellent, a few scratches to the grill mean I can't say mint. Altogether a fantastic pair of cabs, much too good to be stood idle.... See pics Heavy beasts, collect only
  13. Part of my Retirement Sale - Please see other items If you are looking at this then you probably know exactly what it is and what it is capable of. If you have any questions re power, dimensions, weight etc then please give me a call. SWR SM900 Amp see details below Here's more details from SWR; The SM-900 is truly the “State of SWR’s Art” in bass amplification electronics. The SM-900 is only slightly deeper and heavier than the SM-500, yet delivers twice the power and includes new fea- tures such as our very flexible tone section. Along with shelving-type Bass and Treble controls, the equalization section consists of two independent 3-band semi-parametric EQs. This provides the user with two analog presets via a silent footswitch, or three presets (EQ 1, EQ 2, or EQ 1+2) using the manual slide switch located on the front panel. You can now go from a solid groove sound to soloing with just the tap of your foot. Several suggested EQ settings are included in the tone section of this manual. The SM-900 also boasts a studio-oriented “side chain” effects loop allowing the user the diversity of an effects unit while maintaining the constant clarity and natural tone of the instrument. SWR’s exclusive “To Tuner” jack is also on a side chain. Remember when you had to unplug your bass from your amp and hook into your tuner and frantically tune up between songs? Or patch the tuner between your instrument and amp, thus degrading sound quality? Those times are history. Add to the above both stereo and mono effects loops, stereo/mono operation of the power amps, biamp capabilities, up to 900 watts RMS of power, an extremely quiet preamp, a “non-pumping” limiter, complete recording ability, and SWR’s proven reliability and sound quality, and you have what we feel is the best bass amplifier made anywhere in the world. Every Professional Series product from SWR Sound Corporation is manufactured and hand-built in Sun Valley, California, USA. SM-900 SPECIFICATIONS Note: All measurements were taken with a line voltage of 120VAC. All noise specifications are “unweighted.” All voltages and watts are “RMS.” POWER (minimum): Bridge/Mono Mode 900 Watts @ 4 Ohms 650 Watts @ 8 Ohms 440 Watts @ 16 Ohms (minimum load = 4 Ohms) Stereo Mode (per side) 400 watts @ 4 Ohms 240 watts @ 8 Ohms 144 watts @ 16 ohms (minimum load = 2 Ohms) FREQUENCY RESPONSE (power amplifiers): –3dB @ 20 Hz and 40kHz SENSITIVITY (full output, 8 ohm load, 100 Hz): Passive Input Jack: 50 millivolts Active Input Jack: 200 millivolts Power Amplifier (Effects Return Jack “in”): 1.6 volts INPUT IMPEDANCE Passive/Active Input: 800kohms Active Input: 60kohms Effects Return: 27kohms OUTPUT IMPEDANCE Effects Send: 100 ohms Tuner Send: 100 ohms XLR Balanced Out: 750 ohms Crossover High and Low Outs: 100 ohms SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: –75 dB (< 8 millivolts typical) EQUIVALENT INPUT NOISE: 8.9 microvolts DISTORTION: Power Amplifiers (Effects Return jack “in”): 0.03% THD I.M. Distortion: 0.06 % System Distortion (gain & master volume full, Aural Enhancer at min., tone controls flat): 0.4 % Comes with foot switch, manual, brochure, cleaning cloth and registration card. Also included is the power converter. (Yellow brick style)
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