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  1. Mint YAMAHA 1981 BB2000 bass guitar with original case There is just one bit of chipped lacquer on the edge of the fingerboard, age related rather than abuse of any kind of of actual damage comes with original case one again is starting to age in places from being exposed to air rather than abuse also comes with the original case and the all important truss rod tool and machine head tension adjuster it even still has the plastic on the control cover
  2. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MK II Thunderbolt Audio Interface, DUO absolutely brand new never attached to a computer or switched on , on opened to se if the audio interface is actually in the box i Bought this as a backup but didn't need it postage in the uk £10
  3. Now £4500 Alembic Brown Bass from 2002 In perfect, as new condition. 30.75" scale Anniversary Electronics (cable provided) In original case - again in perfect, as new condition Set up with D'Addario 45-105 rounds Walnut facings with myrtle core - beautiful figuring and flame in both. The neck is 5 piece and constructed from mahogany, birch and maple - the neck is slender and great to play. The bass has a rubbed oil finish throughout Brass and ebony string retainer - unusual and lovely feature found on the BB and only a few other early models plays beautifully with a low action. No paperwork (this wasn't supplied though the bass is entirely legitimate and registered with Alembic). Comes with adjustment tools, guarantee card and manual. A new one has a pricing ofaround £9k the only trades I am interested is a non tatty Wal 4 string happy to ship within Europe
  4. 20-22kg think it was something like 24 -26kg before
  5. Cm 18.5 width 19.5 height 13 Depth I reckon it’s about 20- 22kg but an easy lift as its small and has two proper recessed handle on each side
  6. you can control it all from the front panel using the buttons or attach something g like this : https://www.keithmcmillen.com/products/softstep/
  7. Error in the price should be £350
  8. Error in the price should be £300 I purchased this new a few years ago.. I was going through a Steve lawson phase its just been sitting in my studio rack unused .. it looks brand new and works perfectly happy to post at buyers expense
  9. just switched this on to try out a new bass purchase at a sensible volume .. when I turned it up loud the red standby light came on twice shutting the amp down .. I have sine tried to replicate the fault several times and cannot ... I reckon it needs a new fan as it probably doing this when the amp heats up at high volume the fan is not always kicking in and its putting the power-amp into safety mode .. after doing some investigation reading other posts others have experienced the same problem I would send it to an amp tech for a check up but I don't have the time so reduced to £250 + postage. The best new price for one of these is £670
  10. It's an OB-1 in a box, sounds exactly the same to my ears, and I own both ... think its really just a fly rig version of that with more control over the distorted highs, despite all of the marketing spiel of how its a new product ... still sounds really good .. prefer it to the dug .. a much more solid sound ..PM me if you like and i can sell you mine, for a bit of a discount off the new price .. I haven't used it outside my home .. as I don't need both
  11. Had this beauty for a couple of weeks now an almost mint bb2000 with original case and case candy.. I have just restrung her with a set of bass centre peter hook signature elite stadiums .. god she sings weirdly I have had a couple of Japanese bb1200s the active ones a red and green one now gone and they weren’t as good as this bass .. strange as they should be pretty much the same basses minus the bridge pickup
  12. portable : https://www.k-m.de/en/products/accessories-for-stage-studio-and-home-recording/amp-monitor-and-mixer-stands/28130-amp-stand-black less portable but sturdy: https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Roland-RAS-S01-Amp-Stand/2BVL?origin=product-ads&campaign=PLA+Shop+-+GENERIC&adgroup=GENERIC&medium=vertical_search&network=google&merchant_id=1279443&product_id=108705d1&product_country=GB&product_partition_id=820930733465&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0IOig6TR5wIVAbTtCh1DswhdEAQYASABEgI9mfD_BwE
  13. Tom Just bought my Stingray Short scale ... pleasant coms and quick payment .. a pleasure to do business with
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